11 Pipers Piping…Calling All Pipers!

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11 pipers piping

This piece is quite long and I do not have an oversized scanner, so my camera is doing its best to show all eleven pipers. I may have to photograph each piper individually so you can see the characters and lines and details. But here is this to give you the general idea! Note that there is always one SYLVIA in every crowd. (See day SEVEN). 🙂


Six Geese a-Snoozin’

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So Mama and Papa Goose had a long night. They tried everything, but with four babies, at least one of them kept them up into the wee hours. It’s no wonder Mama hit snooze. Must be why they missed their cue this morning. Thank goodness the milkmaid clued them in (on the next page), or they might have just slept through Christmas entirely!

This is a work in progress…just playing around with some collage.

Ok, all together now, in your best Miss Piggy voice: FIVE go-old rings…..!

Winner, Winner Chicken dinner…oh, and Steampunk Dorothy listed

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Well, now that ball season is over for both kids, I have been able to get lots more work done! I have been needing to sort through all the numbers, posts, facebook adds, etc in order to see how many entries came in for the June contest I held. (see the june 1 post for details)…
In all, there were 415 entries. Here is how I broke it down:

1-137 Mailing List–i am including these because they have been with me since I started, basically. I cannot exclude them just because they are not following the new technology, sites, etc!!! I also found it impossible to count the 450+people on Facebook. I have no idea who is there or joined because of the contest. I figure those that wanted to be counted have joined the Facebook group for Princesstomato…where they are counted/entered
138-334 Princesstomato group members on Facebook
335-352 June 1st blog comments (subtracting my own)
353-370 June 1st blog comments counted again. I did to give those who left a comment there an extra entry. I really appreciate the comments. 🙂 It is nice to know people read, etc…so thank you!
371-393 Twitter adds (the ones I could track…)
394-411 Etsy adds
412-416 mentions on blogs and/or mailing lists

THE RANDOM NUMBER CHOSEN by using Random.org is……..352!!!! Looks like this is the last post on the June 1 blog entry, so I will need to look up who that is after I publish this entry. This person will win the $100 credit with princesstomato!…Number 352 is Jennifer Paganelli! http://www.sisboom.com/Wow, no pressure!!! LOL 🙂
I am also selecting an additional winner for a surprise package, just because!!! This number is …. 187. 187 translates into number 49 on the facebook group/list. 49 as of today is….Valerie Walsh. Valerie will receive a surprise gift from my goody closet.

Whew, I feel better having this done! It was harder than I thought it would be to keep track of all the numbers, but I learned something for next time! 🙂

Now for more fun news. I have a new listing up. It can be seen here:

This is part of a group launch. You can see all the other amazing creations by searching STEAMPUNK BOUTIQUE on ebay. You can also win some serious prizes by bidding. Here are the contest details. Contest is for all bids through July 29.

steampunk contesttimefliesjacketwtote

Ok, that’s it for now! Thanks to all who entered! You are ALL the BEST!!!

Illustration Friday IF: DRIFTING…Enterprising Pearl

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This is a sneak peek of my listing that will be part of an ebay launch called “k9Qt”. Tune in Monday, June 22. This post has been updated~~ (here is the link…click this line)link to the full color version and a host of many more K9Qt’s. 🙂
Also, be sure to leave a comment here to win a princesstomato painting.

IF: “Forgotten”

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RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! All this rain has not been good for our basement. We have been pumping out water, throwing away many FORGOTTEN items that are now ruined, and trying not to use water unless we absolutely have to.  There is just no place for any more water to go around here! Roads are flooded, fields look like lakes, and there are some yards we could probably use a boat in! But life is good! 

We did get to go fishing yesterday, and finally got some ball practices in this week.  This along with trying to keep up with orders for paintings is keeping me busy. 

Here is my post for this week’s Illustration Friday theme: FORGOTTEN.  The first is a photo of a drawing I literally had forgotten about.  (With good reason! I was 17 years old, and that was 21 years ago…wow, time flies!)  I used NuPastel, I believe.  The child looks so hungry and forgotten..at least that is what I had in mind at the time… I still have the original but it is packed in the back of a closet in an old portfolio.  My 9 year old daughter wants me to get it out so she can see some of my older work.  Last night she used some charcoal pencils I had when I was her age.  That was kind of cool… 


The last image is something I just sketched quickly last night.  Guess she FORGOT to show her parents that report card.  Easy to do when summer is here… catching frogs and jumping puddles is way more of a priority…

21 Day Challenge– eek, are we done already? (IF:Worry)

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“Jam Session II” (inspired by the title of the first jam session posted a few days ago, and by my other domestic amphibian) This one includes some yummy samples from Betty Croacker’s 101 Best Jam Recipes book.

Jam Session II

This is still really just an idea, but fun to play with.  The next day I messed around with some color. Didn’t get very far, but here it is–still needing much help:

The next day, this took me into a world where fish do laundry and wear aprons…The fish was one 15 minute session, and then coming up with the rest of the scene was the next day. I tried a few things and this is the one I like best:  (It also fits for this week’s IF theme of WORRY) 

“Washday Surprise”

Again, I messed with color, and again, not getting very far.  I am trying to push myself to work with digital techniques so this 21 day habit is really helping me get some play time in.  Most of what I have tried is not anything to post, and this isn’t really either, but I have to show you something!:

wash day surprise

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