IF: Illustration Friday: UNBALANCED

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fish n ships

Fish n Ships Cafe

Patrons swim from leagues around to dine at the Fish n Ships Underwater Cafe. The catch of the day is (almost) always fresh. They don’t boast a menu full of completely balanced meals, but guests manage to get a daily dose of Omega-3, and a hefty helping of hospitality.
fly in soup

Check, please!

“How is the soup du jour, Miss Goldie?”
Twitching her fins, Goldie politely gasps, “Check, please! I think I will try Fuddrudders for lunch today, after all.”

Actually, I think fishy will head to the DOODLE DINER…to catch up on other news and mingle with an artsy crowd.


Illustration Friday IF: DRIFTING…Enterprising Pearl

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This is a sneak peek of my listing that will be part of an ebay launch called “k9Qt”. Tune in Monday, June 22. This post has been updated~~ (here is the link…click this line)link to the full color version and a host of many more K9Qt’s. 🙂
Also, be sure to leave a comment here to win a princesstomato painting.

IF:pet peeves “Miss, There’s a FLY in my SOUP!”

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I was not going to post an Illustration Friday this week…just swamped. BUT, since I am trying to notify my mailing list of a resale, and wordpress does not allow my listing html code to post without getting all whacked out, I am a tad peeved. 🙂 So, my pet peeve is that I have to post this link: ****CLICK ON THIS LINK to see what I am trying to post!!!!!!!****

in order for you to view my painting. I am seriously considering moving my blog to either typepad or blogger…PLEASE talk to me about blogs! I want one I can customize, etc.

Flies in soup would definitely count as a pet peeve, and although it been several years since since I have waitressed, I could mention that a pet peeve from that job would be when people called me “Miss” and asked me for more of something that I was already giving to them. I actually enjoyed waitressing, though. Good money for an art student who likes people. 🙂

Ok, now for the link to see the actual resale. It is here for a great price:


Don’t forget to give me the scoop on blogs! I need to decide if I am staying here! 🙂

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