“Give,” said the Little Stream. But please…no armpit hairs on the deoderant. :)

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So I am running about this past week, just wondering if we could just somehow push a fast forward button and get to say, about December 23. Like every human on the planet right about now, I am extremely overwhelmed. Really have zero right/time to be sitting here trying to sort out all these thoughts I have been running around with lately.

The laundry list rattling in my head might sound familiar, so feel free to fast forward past the italicized stream of consciousness to get to the good part:
Make money-Make- the -home- a home including- getting -all -the- nagging- dog -hair out of- the- corners -once- and- for- al-Get kids to and fro (basketball, scouts for boys, scouts for girls, Church activities for both, homework, after school music,,,,when do we eat? drive drive drive drive some more-…..breathe……
Plan and help with various group activities and dinners, etc…find social security card….oh,
Actual laundry,finish paintings, work on portfolio pieces, paint the walls, clean closets, do I still have a turkey roaster?-volunteer at the school oh tomorrow, sure thing…we need tires. i’m tired. wait i don’t have time to be tired- small town politics ugh- world wide politics ack -all is well though, life is good, will i be able to make everyone feel loved and welcome on Thursday? we don’t need curtains for that, right? just glad we have windows and walls and a roof—it all works out. for real. all good. these are all small things-what about all the real problems people face how can i help???am i teaching my kids enough how to help? ……

I did do the wise thing and just stop, be still, pray, and listen. It helped. Lots. The song that popped into my head after this morning’s prayer was Give, said the little stream. It’s worth a listen. Promise.

I just unpacked the rest of my husband’s suitcase from a short trip he just had to make. I totally got a great big heartfelt smile out of putting the deoderant away. Why? (this is the gem of the whole post):
Because of the conversation I had with my ever-so-honest 9-year-old son while helping my husband pack:

Me: Jake, can Dad take your new deoderant on the plane since you showed me yours is “travel size?”
Thinking first, Jake humbly said: Ok. But can you please tell him not to get armpit hairs on it?

That’s good stuff, people. See, all is well. Truly, truly well.


Frosted Windshields and Frosted Donuts

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Normally it takes me about twenty minutes to drive my kids to school. Yesterday, our roads and vehicles were covered in ice. We had to stop no less than three times to scrape the windows on the way to school. I fish-taled and white-knuckled it into town in forty minutes flat, going all of twenty MPH, only to find out we were two hours early (well 100 minutes, since we would have technically been tardy). Apparently the phone system had a glitch, so many people in our area did not get “the call.”

Do we spend the two hours driving home and back to town? Ah, no. Do I try to make this a fun “snow day”, and go play in the freezing rain with my children? Ah, no. We chose the easiest thing and went for donuts.

The first place we tried was one with a place to sit. As we got close to the glass case normally filled with frosted goodies, we saw the case was empty. As we were leaving the worker asked, “Did you find what you were looking for?”
“No. We came for donuts.”
“Oh, they are on vacation for the next two weeks.”
As we piled back into the truck, thinking of where to go next, my eight-year-old pragmatic son wrinkled up his face and blurted, “The donuts are on vacation?”

We found some donuts, then settled back into the cab of our little truck so they could eat their second breakfast. I got to hear stories about their life on the playground for a little longer than usual on this icy South Dakota morning. Life is good.

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