IF: Illustration Friday: UNBALANCED

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fish n ships

Fish n Ships Cafe

Patrons swim from leagues around to dine at the Fish n Ships Underwater Cafe. The catch of the day is (almost) always fresh. They don’t boast a menu full of completely balanced meals, but guests manage to get a daily dose of Omega-3, and a hefty helping of hospitality.
fly in soup

Check, please!

“How is the soup du jour, Miss Goldie?”
Twitching her fins, Goldie politely gasps, “Check, please! I think I will try Fuddrudders for lunch today, after all.”

Actually, I think fishy will head to the DOODLE DINER…to catch up on other news and mingle with an artsy crowd.

Illustration Friday:Modify

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Steampunk Dorothy is ready for a ride over the rainbow. With a little help from her friends, a little courage, and a lot of heart, she realizes that wisdom is still far greater than rubies…and that there is still no place like home.

You can see more photos of this here: LISTING

IF,Illustration Friday: Poise

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Mabel at The Doodle Diner


I am so happy to announce that the Doodle Diner is open! Mabel here may spill more bubble gum and hot peppers than she serves, but she always remains POISED. She may not even bring you what you ordered, but she is sure to make you smile. Mabel doesn’t sweat the small stuff.
Each Doodle Diner member was asked five questions. You can see them all here throughout the day: THE DOODLE DINER
1. Your studio… used to be the library of the brick school house we live in.

2. What is the first thing you remember drawing? Obviously, I drew lots of things before this, but I remember looking at a ballerina on my jewelry box. My family was waiting for me to come out of my room so we could go somewhere. (First things first! heehee) When I came out, I showed them what I drew, and they could not believe I did it without any help. I tried to draw it again soon after, and it didn’t turn out so well. Sigh.

3. When you go to a diner, what food would you be most likely to order? Something with ranch dressing. And I will still want to taste whatever you ordered. Unless what you ordered a reuben. You are safe with a reuben.

4. Is there a certain person from your childhood that especially encouraged you to pursue your love for art? Lots of people—art teachers, parents…but especially my grandparents. My grandma used to make sure I signed and dated my artwork. It really made me feel like a real artist, and like the art was important and official. One more example: my parents knew I liked to color. Once they woke me up in the middle of the night just to have popcorn and COLOR with me.

5. Is there something in your artistic life you take for granted? Yes. My thumbs.

I am so glad to be a doodler! Woohoo!

IF: intricate, and a little more on living LIFE

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Ok, bear with me as I try to connect the dots here. Methinks this should be broken into more than one post, but here goes…

First:IF theme for this week is intricate. My best example of this, I believe, is an older one, but for those of you who have not seen it, here it is:

A detail…so you can see all the insane dots. I used the smallest technical pen available. Why??? andy-condensed-nickela

In the same vain, well sort of, my sweet kiddos made a huge snowman yesterday. Kind of looks like a poster child for Snowmen Rogaine 🙂 They scavenged our Halloween bin for the hair, dad’s endless collection of cheap sunglasses for the cool shades, and my art studio for the buttons and carrot foam. They are so creative. The took a tape measurer out too, come to think of it. Wonder where that ended up…???

Next, I read some good books this weekend. TOYS GO OUT cracked me up! It is about how a stuffed buffalo, a stuffed stingray, a ball just want to be loved. The dialogue is hilarious. StingRay is a know-it-all. It tells the buffalo, who got peanut butter on himself:
“You’re dirty,” says StingRay, placing a block on top of her pile.
“It’s not dirt. It’s food.”
“Food is dirt when it’s mashed in your fur.”
“No it isn’t. It’s food. Why would it be dirt in your fur, but nice and tasty anywhere else?”
“It would be dirt if it was on the rug,” says StingRay. “Or on the sofa.”
“Food isn’t dirty, or you wouldn’t eat it. I have some nice clean food on me. I don’t see that it’s a problem that it needs washing.”
“If people think it’s dirty, then it is, ” StingRay claims.

I was laughing out loud at the wrestling meet. The fourth graders in the bleachers with me were also laughing out loud-at me. 🙂

Lastly, I actually listed something. Haven’t done that for awhile since I have mostly been working with people on my mailing list, etc. Click HERE to see the listing. I started it at .99 cents, just for fun. And anyone from my mailing list who bids (or from this blog if you let me know) will get entered in a drawing for a free bag of goodies! If the BIN is used, then the buyer will win the goodies.

Have a great week!

IF: Instinct …Free Spirit

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Like a Drum

Like a Drum

Instinct. Gotta go with it whenever possible. 🙂

TIME for Valentines, Spring Fever, and remembering

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It has been 365 days of living my life without my sweet dad to call, talk to, or hug. I miss him tons. He was such a great dad and friend. He would want us to live life to the fullest, even today. I am going to finish up a portrait, then get some Valentine cookies and a nice dinner going for when the kiddos get home we can have a special family night. xoxox

My third-grader finally gave up making a robot for what would be the third year in a row for his Valentine’s box. This year he opted for a gumball machine. He went to town and really did this all by himself! I love it. And I also love gumball machines. I have one in my studio, and when anyone gets a RED gumball, they have to give me (or someone)a hug! 🙂

One reason I did not become an architect or interior designer is because I suck at spatial relations. My fourth grade daughter- who- always- has- to- be- different- and- masterpieceful wanted to make a dog in a shoe for hers. We tried to recruit my engineer husband, but he was wimping out on us. So, we dug in and figured this out by looking at her actual tennis shoe for reference:
It is 23″ long:

Here are a couple pics of some of last week’s work:

Oh, and a little catching up on the daily quotes/headings from SIMPLE ABUNDANCE:
Feb 8: You Are an Artist.
Feb 9: A Fresh Canvas Every 24 Hours.
Feb 10: Creating an Authentic Lifestyle for Yourself and Those You Love
Feb 11: Divine Discontent: Learning to Live by Your Own Lights—for this one, it says Grace strikes us when we are in great pain and restlessness…Sometimes at that moment a wave of light breaks into our darkness, and it is as thought a voice were saying You are accepted.” Paul Johannes Tillich
So, I suppose all these thoughts do tie together, as they always seem to do. This week’s illustration friday is TIME.

PS:Oh, I should mention that I am glad I am not DOING TIME for what I did on Saturday. To read more, check out my facebook status as of Feb 11 7pmish: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=feed&id=628998395#/profile.php?id=628998395&v=feed&viewas=628998395It really is hilarious!

Illustration Friday, IF: Climbing

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Instead, she bursts out the kitchen door and climbs up to “their” tree house where she can be alone.  Last year, she and RJ nailed a broken bike tire to the side it.  That’s when they started calling it THE BIKEHOUSE.

Climbing up to the Bikehouse

Here is a quick sketch for Illustration Friday. The theme this week is “climbing.” :
Instead, she bursts out the kitchen door and climbs up to “their” tree house where she can be alone. Last year, she and RJ nailed a broken bike tire to the side it. That’s when they started calling it THE BIKEHOUSE.


IF Illustration Friday: SIMILAR shadows

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Sketch of Girl and Bird

Sketch of Girl and Bird

Quick sketch of a girl who found an egg. She hopes it is similar to the ones mama bird has been sitting on in the nest above.

My favorite part of this is actually how the shadow of the girl’s hands ended up looking similar to a bird shadow–the kind we form with our hands to appear on a wall. How serendipitous!

The actual sketch has more design elements to it, such as the branches and leaves forming a heart-shaped border around the girl. I played around with the albeit-horrible-scan in Photoshop, and learned that I can move things parts of drawings around, resize them, adjust perspective, etc. Wow! So I was able to make the girl smaller and move her so that she is under the tree more. I may have distorted her a bit in the process. I am such a beginner at PS, and am amazed what can be done with it. I know I could have drawn it by hand five times over in the time I spent playing, but I am trying to learn new things. Eventually I will get to figuring out how to make and use customized brushes.

Anyway, we are covered in snow here and life is good. Have a great day!

Illustration Friday…Clutter…

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Woohoo! I am finally back into the new schedule! Happy to be able to squeeze some blogging into my routine again.  This summer was c-r-a-z-y! I have missed my Illustration Friday friends!!!

Appropriately, this week’s theme is CLUTTER.  With the dawn of my new, more structured schedule, I thought I would offer up a “Back to Basics” thought.  This is another one done on denim, but I love the idea! Sometimes all we need to do to eliminate some of the clutter in our lives is a little love for our friends: 

With that, I introduce you to JOHN:




ptheadermain.jpg (36132 bytes)





lots of love

a little funk

and a few polka dots…

What more could a girl want?

Ok, ok. He’s not only got the key, but he wears

his HEART on his sleeve!.

I can crop it and/or cut the cuffs off if you

prefer to have even more funk with your hunk.

Rock on with John 13:34

“A new commandment I give unto you,

That ye love one another;

as I have loved you,

that ye also love one another.”


Illustration Friday Save: Super*Fly*Girl Saves the Day

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Super*Fly*Girl Saves the DAY!

(I turned of the song that went with this slideshow since I added the playlist …if you prefer to have music off, or to skip to a different song, look for the widget on the lower right)

Saves the Day!

[rockyou id=108518316&w=426&h=319]

Now that the boutique emergency has been taken care of, maybe you all can help me with a bit of a situation I need help with.  My website was recently revamped, and I am trying to get some final decisions made.  I paid a friend to design the pages and help me get it started.  www.princesstomato.com  

My question is in the portfolio section.  There are several “gallery” sections. 

Should I have the background for those be 1)BLACK, to match the homepage.  2) aqua/turquoise to match a color i use often in my work  3) the tomatoish red color with green accents to match the dots, etc on the homepage?

I have asked several people and opinions vary greatly.  At the moment, I am leaning toward 3) the tomatoish red with some of the lime-ish green.   It is growing on me. 🙂 I think it sets my work off ok. It is a fun color, and it goes with the rest of the site ok.  But then again I have been looking at it constantly this week so I  need fresh eyes! Save me!  🙂

 I am totally open to suggestions!  The site still has plenty of tweaking to be done, so be patient when viewing.  I hope to have it done before the weekend is up.

 Thanks bunches in advance…



IF: HOMAGE …to oranges and laughter

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Today, I am listening to the Beastie Boys and Dr. Hook, if that tells you anything about my mood. 🙂 So, for Illustration Friday’s HOMAGE, it is only suiting to pay tribute to the most famous KNOCK KNOCK JOKE of all time. Happy day!
 Knock Knock.  WHO'S THERE?  Banana.  BANANA WHO?

Go tell some knock-knock jokes to a first grader today. Their maniacal laughter at the punchline will make your day. At least the first 7 times they tell the same one. Seven is the limit. Then it’s time for something–anything–else. 🙂

For more laughter, check this out. Illustrators should especially love it. The characters are fabulous. http://kateharding.net/2008/03/31/best-thing-ever/

MaBel JuggLeS…

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mabel mabel

“Red hot chili peppers? More mustard? Coming right up! How many bubblegums do you wish? –I’m coming, I’m coming! Just as fast as I am able!”

cinderella yella mustard 


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Woohoo! Momentum! Cathy is ready to start my website.  I am just too excited!  So, in lieu of the rollerskating zebra, flying pig , swooshing super-heros, or the countless more appropriate scenes I have painted that show “momentum”, I am posting this tomato fairy image map.  There is momentum– even if we barely see it in this fairy’s twinkly little toes… 

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