IF: Illustration Friday: UNBALANCED

November 13, 2009 at 1:06 pm | Posted in flyfishing, IF, illustration friday, Uncategorized | 10 Comments

fish n ships

Fish n Ships Cafe

Patrons swim from leagues around to dine at the Fish n Ships Underwater Cafe. The catch of the day is (almost) always fresh. They don’t boast a menu full of completely balanced meals, but guests manage to get a daily dose of Omega-3, and a hefty helping of hospitality.
fly in soup

Check, please!

“How is the soup du jour, Miss Goldie?”
Twitching her fins, Goldie politely gasps, “Check, please! I think I will try Fuddrudders for lunch today, after all.”

Actually, I think fishy will head to the DOODLE DINER…to catch up on other news and mingle with an artsy crowd.



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  1. Miss Goldie is the hostess with the mostest!!
    Cute Teri!!!

  2. thanks, roberta!

  3. Very cute.

    Another Teri

  4. Awesome Teri! I love the details, especially the tray of food!

  5. It’s lovely! 🙂

  6. thanks, loni and jessie. 🙂
    teri, i see i am not the only one who did not get a personalized license plate for her bike back in the day! one R and an I just didn’t make the cut!

  7. You have an amazing style, the colors are rich and lovely!

  8. I love your rich and colorful textures and your sense of humor!

  9. thanks, amalia and indigene! 🙂


  10. Is this the waitress from our diner? wonderful Teri! I know you are crazy busy, hang in there girl 🙂

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