Fall 2009 SCBWI Conference at UND (with a side of turkey)

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A few highlights from last weekend:
Shown above left to right: Molly O’ Neill, Laurie Knowlton, Andrew Karre, Janet Spaeth
2009 SCBWI Conference at UND

Laurie Knowlton If ever I met someone who lives in and makes the most of every moment, it is Laurie. She fed our minds and tickled our funny bones with her presentation The Bones of Your Story. She taught about story structure and we know she lives by her words…For example, if you give a mouse this author a cookie, she will want to eat it like this:

c is for cookie

c is for cookie...Laurie Knowlton and Yvette LaPierre

Molly O’ Neill
Molly gave a fabulous, well-prepared presentation titled What Makes Editors Fall in Love? She had us at “hello” and brought the message full circle with clarity, heart, wisdom, and perfect examples.

At dinner, she entertained us with a true story about a turkey. Yes, a turkey. Real. Frozen. Ready for adventure, turkey. Those of us privy to this kind of inside information, now know why it is imperative to wrap frozen turkeys thoroughly before transporting them via the NYC subway system.

Andrew Karre
Andrew is a walking source of information. Among other things, he shared with us Ways to Survive the Social Networking without Losing Your Shirt. He is the editorial director at Carolrhoda Books, and is particularly passionate about YA. His wealth of knowledge and wit paired with his ability to prioritize and to know what he likes are a perfect combination.

We look forward to many more exciting books from the hearts and minds of Molly, Andrew, and Laurie!



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  1. Great post, Teri! I hope you were highly inspired!

    Laurie Knowlton has an interesting technique for illustration. You both work with fabrics! What did she think of your work?

  2. Laurie and I did not exchange postcards until after everything was over. So I am not sure what she thought of my work. She really put her “all” into the conference and I did not want to ask any more of her! 🙂

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my own blog today! I would’ve loved to be at the conference with Molly O’Neill. She is such a dear. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time.

  4. mike. got the thumbs up from laurie. yay! 🙂

    kathryn, that post “14 wadded up dollar bills” on your blog is a keeper, on so many levels! straight to the heart. i feel very inspired after getting to spend a little time with Molly. I have your book on order. Anxious to read it. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment.


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