Big Giveaway! Happy Birthday to me!

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I just feel like today is special for some reason. With an abundance of gratitude, I realize it is time to get back to my usual outgoing self, and come out of “hiding.” In my little hiatus, I see that things have really taken off at etsy, and I would like to really start selling there. So, for the 100% shameless promotional part of this post, I want to offer a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR giveaway!!!!!!! :

There are several ways to enter this giveaway: (you get one entry for each of these things…yes, you can have six entries each)

1. Post a comment here on this giveaway post
2. HEART ME on etsy!!! I am new and lonely over there!
3. Follow princesstomato on TWITTER
4. Remain or Add me as a friend on FACEBOOK
5. Join my FACEBOOK GROUP (this may end up replacing my regular mailing list in the future)
6. Promote this giveaway on any of your sites, blogs, etc!!! (you will have to let me know if you have done this so i can add your extra entry!!)

So, start posting!and adding me! I will use a random number sorter to give away this $100 PRINCESSTOMATO gift certificate good toward painted denim on June 30.

Today I am filled with so much gratitude. It has been a long and painful year and a half…filled with many, many ups and downs. I was just looking through some photos from the card in my camera,,,,and I nearly started crying. Just so many, many things I have to be grateful for. My life is really full of more blessings than I probably deserve, and I hope to make the most of it!

I would like to extend a note of thanks, mixed with a bit of apology out to my wonderful, wonderful customers over the years. You have been with me through it all, and I love you all! Your kids have “grown up” with me and my own kids. We have celebrated and prayed for each other, cried and rejoiced over many things. I know that I have not offered nearly as many items as I used to, and I have been a bit out of touch…not quite myself. Sorry about that, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your patience and patronage. I have used this time to complete some orders for you, but my “absence” was filled with time to work on a project that has been extremely fulfilling for me. (more on that later)…

I just feel like today is special for some reason. With an abundance of gratitude, I realize it is time to get back to my usual outgoing self, and come out of “hiding.” In my little hiatus, I see that things have really taken off at etsy, and I would like to really start selling there.

Happy Birthday, to me! And good luck on the drawing!!!
Here is a peek at my latest creation:

Center of Mia's World

Center of Mia's World

Mia with Chris Young on Music Row

Mia with Chris Young on Music Row

Update June 3 at 12noon: Looks like facebook is what most prefer! good to know! 138 members so far in the facebook group. Don’t forget to post a comment on this wordpress blog, and do the other items for more chances to win!!! 🙂



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  1. Lovely! I am so glad that you are back. Been a fan for a long time, and thinking “I wonder what she is up to”. Love getting lost in your “painted pictures” a girl can simply dream all day with your fantastic scenes. Especially “grown girls” 🙂

    many blessings!

  2. Teri,

    You’re such an inspiration. I love all of your designs and totally appreciate your artwork. You are amazing.

    –Greta and the girls (Alison and Emma)

  3. Love, love, love it. I showed it to Mia and she is so excited and THRILLED to get to wear this! I can’t wait! I will definately be spreading the word about you! Micki

  4. thank you gioncarla, greta, and micki! 🙂

  5. I’ve tried some listings on etsy, but I feel like there are SO MANY listings I get lost in the ocean. Not much in my department on eBay with sounds good, but nothing seems to be selling there either. Most of my sales have been coming through my website, for about the last year and a half.

    Can’t wait to see what project you’re working on. I’m crossing my fingers it’s a book. 🙂

  6. Beautiful work! You are very talented!

  7. I have admired your work for a while and think your work is wonderful.

  8. Happy Late B’day sweet Teri!
    HOpe it was great :)))))
    Your work is gorgeous :))

  9. Hope you had a great birthday, and to celebrate it by giving away money? wow! Incredibly generous of you! Hope you had a great fantastic time!

    I love your work! Good luck with Etsy … I’ll heart you there next…

  10. thanks, marni, janae, jill, melissa, and edrian! 🙂

  11. What a great way to celebrate birthday! Happy Belated Birthday, Teri! I am a huge fan of your talent 🙂 Thank you for the invite to your group. I will visit you on Etsy 🙂

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and saying such nice things. As I opened my email this morning and found it, it really made my day! And I’m so glad to have found your blog in return.

    Great giveaway!!! I’m off to Facebook you!


    I’m so happy you are back!!


  14. Sooo cute!!!! Oh how this makes me want another custom portrait something for Sayre. Your work is great in pictures but absolutely incredible in person. I’m still in awe over Sayre’s I’m with the band jumper and it’s been how long ago.

  15. thanks ORB, patty, and teresa!

  16. forgive my lateness… HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂

  17. thanks val! you’re not late! it’s my birthday MONTH! 🙂

  18. Teri, that’s so cute!!

  19. I am a huge fan. So is my daughter and my mother! I have bid on many of your items over the years, and have never been able to afford them. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  20. very nice illo and i like your “poise” illo so much!

  21. thanks, sheree!
    giveaway ends in two days! so far about 300 are entered, counting the facebook, etc.

  22. I love your much talent here!!!!

  23. wow, jennifer! i am REALLY glad you stopped by. a compliment like that coming from a rock star like YOU is a real honor! have a super afternoon!


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