SCBWI 2009 Summer Conference L.A.

May 12, 2009 at 7:27 am | Posted in scbwi | 3 Comments
L.A. Conference 2009

L.A. Conference 2009

Counting my pennies for this. If I don’t get to go this year, then I might cry…but then will shoot for next year! I have been to many regional SCBWI conferences, but have not attended a national one yet. Look at the faculty line-up for L.A. August 7-10:

Sherman Alexie, Jon P. Fine, Arianne Lewin, Jennifer Rofé,
Jim Averbeck, Barbara Fisch, Wendy Loggia, Susan Goldman Rubin,
Bonnie Bader, Sid Fleischman, Steven Malk, Nancy I. Sanders,
Jenn Bailey, Stephen Fraser, Krista Marino, Sarah Shealy,
Bonny Becker, Marla Frazee, Ed Masessa, Susan Sherman,
Betty G. Birney, Donna Gephar, Stephen Mooser, Erica Silverman,
Holly Black, Dave Gordon, Kadir Nelson, Kelly Sonnack,
Courtney Bongiolatti, Jeff Gotesfeld, Elizabeth B. Parisi, Melissa Stewart, Jordan Brown, Esther Hershenhorn, Lin Oliver, Dinah Stevenson, Eve Bunting, Ellen Hopkins, Linda Sue Park, Pamela S. Turner, Jamie Weiss Chilton, Jennifer Hunt, Ann Whitford Paul, Kris Vreeland, Karen Cushman, Allyn Johnston, Richard Peck, Steve Watkins, Sarah Davies, Elizabeth Law, Alice Pope, Andrea Welch,
Kathleen Duey, Ingrid Law, Frank Portman, David Wiesner,
Chris Eboch, Daniel Lazar, Michael Reisman, Dan Yacarino,
Connie C. Epstein, Arthur A. Levine, Anica Rissi, Lisa Yee,
Cecilia Yung

All this talent and knowledge in one place! Not to mention all attendees… Ok, must get back to counting my pennies!



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  1. I wish that I could go too, unfortunately there isn’t the time pie available this summer. Mmmm pie.

  2. It’s always all about the food isn’t, David? you crack me up 🙂

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