Priceless…Past, Present, Future

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…all three days packed with good news and memories.

PAST: Lewis and Clark 1804 and other SD history:
Friday, I got to go on my daughter’s field trip. We visited the W.H. Over Museum and Spirit Mound.

PRESENT: savoring the moments as they rush in:
As soon as my son ran up the steps after school, he could not hide his smile from me. I love that smile. 🙂 From behind his back came the styrofoam cup filled with orangy goodness, accompanied by the colorful picture.

My daughter also made a card for me. Of course, she had to add something “complicated”…the rose pops up from the center of the card when the card it opened. I bet if I go dig up all the cards and papers she has made me, I would find at least half of them have a tendency toward 3-D. I love that she always puts her own spin on everything she does.


The other flowers and tomatoes were also from the kids, with my sweet mom’s help. 🙂

The papers shown above came in the mail this weekend. I just found out that I received a three thousand dollar grant from the South Dakota Arts Council to use for my Bird Lady Watching book project.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all these things. Once again I am reminded of how all things are so related. Amazing.

Now, not to ruin the moment…but I wanted to mention that I caught the last part of Celebrity Appentice last night (I know, not the most reverent thing to watch on a Sunday!), and I am so glad that the talented-but-mean Annie Duke was fired. I really respect that Joan Rivers says what is on her mind and then is willing to eat crow when necessary. I really don’t see why Annie thought is was so admirable to “not bash anyone in the boardroom” but felt it was ok to go around bashing them all over the place everywhere else. So, thank you, Donald, for showing the rest of the world that to get rich you really don’t have to walk all over everyone. 🙂



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  1. I have read your blog many times, and each time I feel happy that I found it! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. thank you, Ann! Have a super day!!

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