The Doodle Diner opens its doors

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I am very excited to announce our group of fabulous doodlers will be opening our very own meeting place. We look forward to sharing good times and doodles with you!


Frosted Windshields and Frosted Donuts

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Normally it takes me about twenty minutes to drive my kids to school. Yesterday, our roads and vehicles were covered in ice. We had to stop no less than three times to scrape the windows on the way to school. I fish-taled and white-knuckled it into town in forty minutes flat, going all of twenty MPH, only to find out we were two hours early (well 100 minutes, since we would have technically been tardy). Apparently the phone system had a glitch, so many people in our area did not get “the call.”

Do we spend the two hours driving home and back to town? Ah, no. Do I try to make this a fun “snow day”, and go play in the freezing rain with my children? Ah, no. We chose the easiest thing and went for donuts.

The first place we tried was one with a place to sit. As we got close to the glass case normally filled with frosted goodies, we saw the case was empty. As we were leaving the worker asked, “Did you find what you were looking for?”
“No. We came for donuts.”
“Oh, they are on vacation for the next two weeks.”
As we piled back into the truck, thinking of where to go next, my eight-year-old pragmatic son wrinkled up his face and blurted, “The donuts are on vacation?”

We found some donuts, then settled back into the cab of our little truck so they could eat their second breakfast. I got to hear stories about their life on the playground for a little longer than usual on this icy South Dakota morning. Life is good.

IF: intricate, and a little more on living LIFE

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Ok, bear with me as I try to connect the dots here. Methinks this should be broken into more than one post, but here goes…

First:IF theme for this week is intricate. My best example of this, I believe, is an older one, but for those of you who have not seen it, here it is:

A detail…so you can see all the insane dots. I used the smallest technical pen available. Why??? andy-condensed-nickela

In the same vain, well sort of, my sweet kiddos made a huge snowman yesterday. Kind of looks like a poster child for Snowmen Rogaine 🙂 They scavenged our Halloween bin for the hair, dad’s endless collection of cheap sunglasses for the cool shades, and my art studio for the buttons and carrot foam. They are so creative. The took a tape measurer out too, come to think of it. Wonder where that ended up…???

Next, I read some good books this weekend. TOYS GO OUT cracked me up! It is about how a stuffed buffalo, a stuffed stingray, a ball just want to be loved. The dialogue is hilarious. StingRay is a know-it-all. It tells the buffalo, who got peanut butter on himself:
“You’re dirty,” says StingRay, placing a block on top of her pile.
“It’s not dirt. It’s food.”
“Food is dirt when it’s mashed in your fur.”
“No it isn’t. It’s food. Why would it be dirt in your fur, but nice and tasty anywhere else?”
“It would be dirt if it was on the rug,” says StingRay. “Or on the sofa.”
“Food isn’t dirty, or you wouldn’t eat it. I have some nice clean food on me. I don’t see that it’s a problem that it needs washing.”
“If people think it’s dirty, then it is, ” StingRay claims.

I was laughing out loud at the wrestling meet. The fourth graders in the bleachers with me were also laughing out loud-at me. 🙂

Lastly, I actually listed something. Haven’t done that for awhile since I have mostly been working with people on my mailing list, etc. Click HERE to see the listing. I started it at .99 cents, just for fun. And anyone from my mailing list who bids (or from this blog if you let me know) will get entered in a drawing for a free bag of goodies! If the BIN is used, then the buyer will win the goodies.

Have a great week!

3rd Annual SCBWI Spring Conference the Dakotas

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Jane, I am 100% stealing your post to copy and paste on my blog!:)

Hope you don’t mind!!!

Perhaps the best organization for writers and illustrators of children’s books and articles is the Society for Children’s Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

I’m pleased to announce the SCBWI Dakotas Spring Conference! If you want to know more about writing or illustrating for children’s publications, or if you want to hear up-and-coming authors tell how they became up-and-coming, please join us in Sioux Falls on Saturday, April 4. Spread the word!

The Dakotas Region of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators presents
“Books, Art, and Beyond”

Date: Saturday, April 4, 2009

Time: 8:30-4:00 Conference
4:00-5:00 Critiques, portfolio reviews, informal manuscript exchange

Location: Central Baptist Church
3100 W. Ralph Rogers Rd.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Speakers: Tim Gillner, Art Director, Boyds Mills Press

S.T. Underdahl, Young adult novelist —The Other Sister, Remember This

Mary Scarbrough, Nonfiction children’s book author–Mission: Space Camp

Jean L.S. Patrick, Children’s book author–The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth

Martyn Beeny, Associate Editor, S.D. State Historical Society Press

Mark Geary, Technology and Children’s Literature, Dakota State University

Cost: $75 SCBWI members $85 non-members

Advance registration required
Registration form available at

Critique Opportunites (optional)

* Artists/Illustrators: Bring portfolio for general review from Tim Gillner, Art Director, Boyds Mills Press

* Writers: Submit manuscript appropriate for children (1500 wds max)
5-6 of these will be selected for a public first-page review
Deadline: March 14, 2009, postmark

* Private critique: Submit complete story or first chapter (1500 wds max)
Cost: $40 Deadline: March 14, 2009
Don’t delay! Limited number of spaces available.

For complete information, go to

Please forward this information to others who are interested in writing and illustrating children’s books. Thanks!

If writing for children is your dream, here’s your opportunity to make the write connections!

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