Speaking of Giveaways! Look at this deal on books!

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Just got this email: PASS IT ON!!! what a deal! 

Most of the writers I know need piles of books. Books to read, to hug, to give as gifts.

So here is a special offer for our writer friends. And it will help you, while it also helps another writer.

Buy any Boyds Mills Press book in stock by the end of the year, and receive a whopping 50% off.

Shipping is $10. Whether you buy one, one hundred, or more. A simple flat fee (well, not so flat if you just buy one, but you get the idea).

Now here is the help another writer part. The Highlights Foundation will get 20% of each book order for our 2009 scholarship fund. So you will be enriching your library, or that of a special young reader, while helping deserving writers come to Chautauqua or attend one of our other workshops.

So it’s simple. Click here to find our Fall 08 and Complete Backlist catalogs. Make your choices. Fax (our toll-free fax number is on the order form) email us the order form, or simply call (877) 512-8366.

Feel free to share this email with your writer friends.



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Kandy, an amazing clothing designer, is having a HUGE promotion for Black Friday! Visit her blog to get your number! http://kandykissesboutique.typepad.com/kandy_kisses_boutique/2008/11/kandy-kisses-black-friday-sales-and-give-aways-take-a-number-today.html?cid=140083286#comments

Also, I want to thank NESSA DEE for the adorable bird print she sent me! The colors are so beautiful, and it came this week, as I am working on drawings for my story, which at the moment is called BIRD LADY!  Thank you NESSA!


PRETEND…for IF “We Ate the Whole Buffalo”

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I just got back from the indescribable HIGHLIGHTS FOUNDATION FOUNDERS’ WORKSHOP…”The Visual Art of the Picture Book, instructed by Dominic Catalano.   I actually got back a week ago, but it seems like yesterday!  I highly recommend this workshop to any artist who currently illustrates picture books, or if you are an artist who wants to illustrate picture books.  

This little mouse is perfect for PRETEND.  He demonstrates a lesson from one of the assignments that Dominic Catalano gave us for one of the sessions.   He wanted us to choose a scene from the previous storyboarding session we had, and illustrate it with BAD SHAKESPEAREAN ACTING in mind.  In other words, he wanted us to do all we could to capture the gestures, personalities, and mood necessary to create the scene.  I think I got it in the little mouse, but his proud parents could have been even more exaggerated.  The shoulders could have been more correct if I had them more “lifted” more…a bit “prouder”.  Anyway, this was a wonderful excercise. 

More about the workshop:  Where to start???!!!  There were seven artists attending: Tess Feltes, John Shroades, Lisa Dragonetti, Sharon Edwards, Tanja Bauerle, Tatyana Starikova Harris, and me, of course.  The faculty and guests included: Dominic Catalano, Tim Gillner of Boyds Mills Press,  Cynthia Faber Smith of Highlights magazine, Kelley Cunningham from High Five magazine, Suzanne Bloom (stripey socks and all!), and Lindsay Barrett-George..(make sure you check out her latest book ALFRED DIGS!)….Alfred and his itty bitty friend and his momma just melt your heart with their journey…. 


nick kelley suzanne tim

nick kelley suzanne tim











I will post more links and/or photos for all those mentioned as soon as I get them rounded up! i mean swipe them from Tanja’s blog. 🙂  Here are a few I took with my camera phone.

Here is the cabin I got to inhabit:



The awesome van we got to ride in:  You know you want a van with a goose and a polar bear on it!!! You know you do! How great would that be!  Oh, and if you haven’t read that book, DO IT. It is wonderful.  We got to see her latest dummy, too.  Let me tell you: THE FOX ROCKS!!!!! wait til you see it in WHAT ABOUT BEAR?


Lindsay, Tanja, Dominic, John, Suzanne

Lindsay, Tanja, Dominic, John, Suzanne

 I should have taken pictures of the FOOD! Award-winning gourmet chefs Marcia and Deb were incredible.  We were so spoiled.  A few of the dishes include: shrimp encrusted talapia, LOBSTER lasagna, chowder, chili, potstickers, homemade breads and pies, the list goes on… I came home so nourished!  Now when I go to my own cupboard “I feel like I am at a smorgasboard and all you give me is bean dip!”  (to understand that, go to 2:36 of the incredibles youtube posted below…then keep watching until past 3:50ish for the infamous buffalo quote.)

To sum it up, this workshop truly helped me to gain a sense of direction and peace in my work.  Thank you to all the attendees, faculty, and guests who helped me “tilt my head to get a better view.”   Each one of you hold a special place in my heart and I am very grateful to have met you.  

Here is a shot of what I saw from the plane on my way home:



Oh yeah, and last but not least…as long as I am cramming so much into one post I may as well take care of the tag that Candace threw at me. 🙂

Seven random facts about me:

1. I don’t really like ice cream.

2. I live in an old two story school house.

3. I live 13 miles from any town.  That means no pizza delivery for us!

4. I graduated high school as the salutatorian. 

5. My dad taught me to read when I was four.

6. I spelled CAT wrong in a spelling bee –in THIRD GRADE!!!

7. We burn corn to heat our house.

The four people I tag are: Tanja, Kari, Linda, and ok, make that three–I am such a rebel. hehehe Let’s blame Candace. She took it from seven tags to four. I will go with three. Three is good.

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