Illustration Friday…”LATE”

October 21, 2008 at 6:27 pm | Posted in farm, home sweet home, illustration friday, late, princesstomato | 16 Comments

Some like to rise at the crack of dawn, and others would rather sleep late. Beauty sleep is tough to get in a place like this!

This scene is part of a little story I painted on a pair of overalls. It was called Green Acres, I believe. Maybe it was Park Avenue…
Here is a link to the rest of the story, in case anyone is interested:
click here



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  1. Brilliantly executed! I love the rich layer of colors.

  2. I love the rich texture and colors. And of course, the sleeping late one…:-)

  3. I love your canvas, I love your style and glad to get chance to view your work again

  4. indigine, gai, and ria,,,,,thanks for stopping by! I cannot believe the CLUCKY magazine is dated 2005! It seems like I just painted that story last month!

  5. Wonderful artwork. I had a closer look at the story on the overalls it is delightful 🙂 So great to see people trying different things. it brought a smile to my dial too! I particularly liked the way you did those great big lips on the cow and horse. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hi Teri,

    Love the colours of the Rooster, but it looks like the other chickens will be in a fowl mood.

  7. thanks shannon. so you see how i like to crack myself up! heheh

    david, hardee harr har! lol. oh, indeed these slackers wake up with their feathers a-ruffled!


  8. Yay, you are back again! Cute piece!

  9. Hah, I’ve felt that way a few times in the morning when the wild turkeys start gobbling outside my window. Great work!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. 🙂

  10. Outstanding my friend! Really to drawer 🙂 It reminds me I need to renew my subscription to Clucky Mag, ha ha!

  11. I mean Top Drawer!

  12. thanks kelly, candace, and val! 🙂

  13. Is “Clucky” a dirty magazine that shows big chicken breasts??

    I’m cracking myself up here 😀
    Great illo…and so nice to see your face!!

  14. Congratulations Princess Tomato! Your number was chosen as one of the winners of my giveaway! If you can email me with your mailing address, I can send you the print.

    Thank you for participating!

    Nessa Dee

  15. Delightful as usual Teri! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it was nice to hear from you!

  16. You are SOOOO talented!

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