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CONFESSION: Of all weeks to have my theme selected for IF, I would have paid MONEY to not have it be this week! Aaaaaa! This is the mother of all weeks this summer….seriously overbooked here!!!! I will be “back” soon, though! And I promise to check out all the wonderful submissions for PUNCHLINE then! This is crazy! I even have tons of newer versions of this theme already done, but will have to save them for something else! Meanwhile, a black and white version of one I already posted for “HOMAGE” back in April is going to suffice! Thanks for all the emails from so many of you asking where I AM!!!


IF: “Forgotten”

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RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! All this rain has not been good for our basement. We have been pumping out water, throwing away many FORGOTTEN items that are now ruined, and trying not to use water unless we absolutely have to.  There is just no place for any more water to go around here! Roads are flooded, fields look like lakes, and there are some yards we could probably use a boat in! But life is good! 

We did get to go fishing yesterday, and finally got some ball practices in this week.  This along with trying to keep up with orders for paintings is keeping me busy. 

Here is my post for this week’s Illustration Friday theme: FORGOTTEN.  The first is a photo of a drawing I literally had forgotten about.  (With good reason! I was 17 years old, and that was 21 years ago…wow, time flies!)  I used NuPastel, I believe.  The child looks so hungry and forgotten..at least that is what I had in mind at the time… I still have the original but it is packed in the back of a closet in an old portfolio.  My 9 year old daughter wants me to get it out so she can see some of my older work.  Last night she used some charcoal pencils I had when I was her age.  That was kind of cool… 


The last image is something I just sketched quickly last night.  Guess she FORGOT to show her parents that report card.  Easy to do when summer is here… catching frogs and jumping puddles is way more of a priority…

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