21 Day Challenge– eek, are we done already? (IF:Worry)

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“Jam Session II” (inspired by the title of the first jam session posted a few days ago, and by my other domestic amphibian) This one includes some yummy samples from Betty Croacker’s 101 Best Jam Recipes book.

Jam Session II

This is still really just an idea, but fun to play with.  The next day I messed around with some color. Didn’t get very far, but here it is–still needing much help:

The next day, this took me into a world where fish do laundry and wear aprons…The fish was one 15 minute session, and then coming up with the rest of the scene was the next day. I tried a few things and this is the one I like best:  (It also fits for this week’s IF theme of WORRY) 

“Washday Surprise”

Again, I messed with color, and again, not getting very far.  I am trying to push myself to work with digital techniques so this 21 day habit is really helping me get some play time in.  Most of what I have tried is not anything to post, and this isn’t really either, but I have to show you something!:

wash day surprise



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  1. Oh gheez.. the 21 days are up already?

    “Mrs. Finley” Hah! I love all the fun details, and the dragon fly jam. Do you eat that with toast, or ants?

    The little star fish outfit on the line is so cute, but does that mean the star fish in the picture is naked?

  2. David, you eat it with toast AND ants.

    I guess the little starfish is skinny dipping today. Must not have picked his clothes up off the ocean/floor in time. Mrs. Finley is one tough cookie! heheh


  3. I looooove this. I think it’s wonderful! I especially love Mrs. Finely. Her lips and her scales. I also like the soft colors. Very nice indeed!

  4. How lovely! I love the drawing lines and the quaility of this. Mrs.Finley is so adorable doing the laundry.

  5. thanks, linda and jannie!
    i am still playing with it. learning lots.

  6. This is great! Poor washer-woman Finley! She has some beautiful scales though, nicely done.

  7. These are so much fun! And I so relate to Mrs. Finley today… 😉

  8. this post was REALLY fun to look at! Great compositions.

  9. thanks guys! jennifer, i can relate to Mrs. Finley and even to little starfish today! LOL

    oh, and david, perhaps the reason little starfish is calling mrs. finley is because his clothes got torn off …either by fishing hooks, fishy bullies at school, or hmmmm ..they got caught on something he discovered?? i don’t know yet! 🙂 so fun to brainstorm though. sometimes the sketches just lead the way dont they? such a fun process…

    anyhoo, thanks for stopping by!

  10. These give new meaning to domesticated animals! 😀

    Both a terrific. Hope you get a chance to color them as you want!

  11. These are both adorable, and it’s great to see the sketch and the final illo right next to each other. I too love Mrs. Finley, great characters there, lovely line work and colors!

  12. How cute! I am loving the fish/starfish illustrations. I have never seen a concept quite like that before, very original and fun.

  13. WOW Teri!!! These are awesome!! I love the frog one. What a great character and is such a beautiful sketch too! And the second one with the fishy has such an amazing line-work and the colors are muted and beautiful. Wonderful work Teri!!

  14. thanks tom! the bottom one worked out better for the color as the quick study. i sort of like the feel of it as it is here. the frog one is less cohesive in color as shown. the froggie is too bright, needs some texture, etc…

    monica and lisa and alicia: thanks, chickadees!!!!


  15. These are both SO CUTE!!!! I love them! I lik the bottom one best, but they are both wonderful!

  16. Wow Teri! Your illos are great! Really original concepts 🙂

  17. How cute is that!
    This is so creative and fun.

  18. Congrats on finishing your 21 day challenge–good job. The computer work can be so intimidating–but just going ahead an doing it helps immensely. I love your little fish sketch, and the color is nice. One thing I would like to see in the color is more variation in the value. You do some really rich work in color earlier in your blog. I challenged myself to reproduce a traditional style I work in digitally–and it took awhile–but I’m fooling people now. (BTW the bottom one in my “Worry” post is the digital one!)

  19. These are magical images.

  20. Great work Teri! I really like those characters.

    It’s amazing how fast the 21 days went isn’t it? You came away with some terrific drawings. Nice job!

  21. Hi Teri, thanks to a funny confussion I have realized last Sunday was your birthday, so though late I came to bring you my greetings! Hope you have had a wonderful day!!!

  22. Hey, Teri, How come no update yet!
    Come on, get some artwork up..look forward..

  23. Hi Teri…I love love love Mrs. Finley and her friends!!

    I wanted to comment on your fabulous drawing from the srchives. (the girl above) but the comment thingy isn’t there. Anyway, I LOVE her!! You were good even back then 🙂

  24. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Octagonal.

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