Days 13,14,15 of 21 Day Challenge

May 11, 2008 at 10:07 pm | Posted in follow your heart, frogs, princesstomato | 23 Comments


Rapunzel in Waiting

“Serenade” (sorry for the dark, fuzzy scan)eek

“Jam Session”

I’m having fun with this sketch challenge. I drew Rapunzel with various facial expressions. I should have posted them all. This is the one I liked best….waiting, even if impatiently.

Busy Week ahead…Hope you all have a great one!

xoxo, Teri



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  1. These are really beautiful. And I love your style. I would love to see these in color as well.

  2. Love the frog.

  3. thanks sara and carli!

  4. Wow! I love the hair on the first one, and nice perspectives!

  5. Great perspective and sketches!

  6. These are all awesome Teri! I really like the perspective of the tower :o) Great job!

  7. thanks, candace, jennifer, and alicia!

  8. Cool drawings! Guess the frog prince is trying a new method to find his princess! 😀

  9. these are awesome! I love the dramatic perspective with the tower!

  10. She is such a funny Rapunzel, but who can blame a gal being bored locked in a one room tower? Love the line work in the braid and the detail of the heart in the stonework. Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are amazing, the perspective on the second one, Jam session, is really well done. I love how you draw the hair, very realistic!

  12. Awesome work Teri, great perspective, and the expression on Rapunzel is perfect. PERFECT. 8 )

  13. I have always fancied this idea and you have captured it in the most wonderful way!!!

  14. wonderful sketches Teri! Great perspective and expressions. I also really love your drum beating hearts 🙂

  15. These are great – I like Serenade the best for it’s dramatic angle and composition. Keep it up!!!

  16. thanks, tom and jannie!

    lisa, i tried a few different ways of doing the braid, and my children (age 7 and 9) tried right along with me. they really enjoyed it.

    ryan, i like her expression too. ho hum….lol

    val, i love the idea of this story, too. so creative and lots of possibilities!

    hey lil kim! the drum one was a nice experiment, i think. i like it too. 🙂

    gina, thanks bunches! i have more to post…just have to get to it!!!

    hope you all have a super weekend!

  17. Wow, Teri, these drawings are great, especially Rapunzel. And I love the perspective in the Serenade drawing. I see I have missed a lot! Will be back…

  18. Three wonderful pieces Teri! very special indeed 🙂

  19. She’s adorable! Rapunzel is my all times favorite! 🙂

  20. Very nice! How in the world did you get such a long scan into your blog? I can never get mine to do that.

  21. wonderful work! I love them all….

  22. thanks everyone!! sorry for not making the rounds to check out all of yours this week, but hope to get a chance tonite!!

  23. These are great! I really love the dramatic perspective on the one and the impatient look on the other. Fabulous!

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