Illustration Friday Save: Super*Fly*Girl Saves the Day

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Super*Fly*Girl Saves the DAY!

(I turned of the song that went with this slideshow since I added the playlist …if you prefer to have music off, or to skip to a different song, look for the widget on the lower right)

Saves the Day!

[rockyou id=108518316&w=426&h=319]

Now that the boutique emergency has been taken care of, maybe you all can help me with a bit of a situation I need help with.  My website was recently revamped, and I am trying to get some final decisions made.  I paid a friend to design the pages and help me get it started.  

My question is in the portfolio section.  There are several “gallery” sections. 

Should I have the background for those be 1)BLACK, to match the homepage.  2) aqua/turquoise to match a color i use often in my work  3) the tomatoish red color with green accents to match the dots, etc on the homepage?

I have asked several people and opinions vary greatly.  At the moment, I am leaning toward 3) the tomatoish red with some of the lime-ish green.   It is growing on me. 🙂 I think it sets my work off ok. It is a fun color, and it goes with the rest of the site ok.  But then again I have been looking at it constantly this week so I  need fresh eyes! Save me!  🙂

 I am totally open to suggestions!  The site still has plenty of tweaking to be done, so be patient when viewing.  I hope to have it done before the weekend is up.

 Thanks bunches in advance…





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  1. Hey PT! You totally made my day today,,, that nursery rhyme cracked me up! Love your submission for Save and the animation is totally cool. I checked out your website and it is fantastic! I really like the way the portfolio looks with the tomato color and the lime green. I would defineately steer away from using the turquoise color because it is a strong color in your work. I think the contrast of the red/green compliments your work well.

  2. Yup, I agree with princess pepper cloud. I think instead of thinking what colors would match your website, you should think about what colors will make your artwork stand out and speak for itself…since that is the most important thing.

  3. Hi Teri,

    I really love your website! Lot’s of fun with the tomato / green color theme you have going.
    IMHO I would keep to that theme of green and tomato and omit the turqoise background page.
    You seem to have made a strong statement with the green/tomato so when there was something different it didn’t feel as consistant.

    Of the two colors, the green seemed to be a better backdrop for your art. It may just be me but the tomato color was a bit bright and distracted from the artwork. The green is much more relaxing.
    But that’s JUST ME. Please take with a grain of salt.

    It looks fabulous! Your designer did a great job, lucky you!

  4. thanks to each of you who posted and those who have emailed me directly. I am going to take out the aqua and the black in those albums. so now i will be deciding between the tomato and the green.

    roz, i tried very hard before i hired her,,,spent way too much time on it and decided my time is better spent painting. but, maybe next time i redo the site i will give it a whirl. see how easily we forget pain? LOL
    hope you all have a super weekend!


  5. Great illustration and really cool movie!!! You rock!

  6. I am still leaning towards white since your site is already so heavy with color. You want to draw people’s eyes into the important click-throughs, not the background. It is so busy with color that it goes against the standards of usability on the web. When you are ready for search engine optimization, call me again 🙂 I hope I was a help.

  7. oh kim, you have been a TREMENDOUS help. thanks so so much! and i forgot to list WHITE as an option! duh! i like the white too.

  8. Okeee….so, firsr of all, LOVE the animation and music here for IF. Seems to matrch so well with your vibrant style!

    Now, on to your website..LOVE IT! I like the portfolio pages that start with tomato red and then the images open in green boxes. Your portfolio and your artwork are very consistent, and I get a great sense of you as an artist by visiting your website. If I was an art director, I would hire you because I get a clear idea of what to expect from you. Great job!

  9. I agree that you should stick with the tomato red/lime green scheme for consistency throughout the site. You might also consider trying to work in some of the curves and circles from the other pages as well to further enhance the consistent look.

  10. I agree with Kim using white . You did a great job wiht your illos. Also loved your sites name ” Princesstomato”

  11. Thanks everyone. It sure is crazy how the opinions on the background color vary so much. 🙂 I appreciate every bit of input from you all.


  12. Love your IF Save. So cute, as always, hee hee.

    I have to say that everyone up there, above me make good points, but I have to agree with PPC and Chickengirl on the point they make about being sure, what ever color you choose, it is not fighting with your artwork. The site is all about showing your art, not being distracting. That being said, I love the design so far. You’ve done a great job!

  13. Hi Princesstomato,

    Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog. You have such a fun, whimsical style. I especially like your children’s denim artwork; so unique and playful. Thanks for introducing me to your art!

  14. Seeing your work, I can envision all kinds of fun possibilities with painting on demin. I wish I had time to try it. I enjoy your work.

  15. It’s nice to see an artist use mixed media piece of artwork done in cartoon form with a sense of humor.

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