IF: HOMAGE …to oranges and laughter

April 1, 2008 at 10:37 am | Posted in IF, illustration friday, Uncategorized | 12 Comments
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Today, I am listening to the Beastie Boys and Dr. Hook, if that tells you anything about my mood. 🙂 So, for Illustration Friday’s HOMAGE, it is only suiting to pay tribute to the most famous KNOCK KNOCK JOKE of all time. Happy day!
 Knock Knock.  WHO'S THERE?  Banana.  BANANA WHO?

Go tell some knock-knock jokes to a first grader today. Their maniacal laughter at the punchline will make your day. At least the first 7 times they tell the same one. Seven is the limit. Then it’s time for something–anything–else. 🙂

For more laughter, check this out. Illustrators should especially love it. The characters are fabulous. http://kateharding.net/2008/03/31/best-thing-ever/



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  1. Cool always!

  2. well there are no 1st graders handy but your illustration caused me to spontaneously shout “orange you glad…” at the monitor and giggle uncontrollably so I’d say this one is a total success. And Beastie Boys sounds like a good idea today. Thanks for the laughs, love the illo!

  3. thanks vhrsti!

    beth, i challenge you to get those songs OR jokes out of your head today. 🙂

  4. Your palette is unique!

  5. Wow! I love this so much, I like the rich colors of it, you have a very strong style of your own. Yes! I really need some good jokes this week, so I’m going to the link now.

  6. Such an adorable situation. Love the Funny Farm Fuirts bag… : D

  7. yes !!! the knock knock joke deserves homage….and thanks for leading me to that hilarious you tube post….TOO FUNNY !!!!

  8. i love your characters and rich colours!!!

  9. thanks for stopping by this week guys.
    nancy, that youtube link has some awesome characters, doesn’t it?!


  10. Hahaha, cute!
    I really enjoy your scenes and your rich color palette!

  11. Really terrific work! Very expressive.

  12. Banana who? That joke is a classic. I remember this joke spiraling into an endless loop of banana. And you are so right Teri, I just tried it out, and seven times is the banana limit.

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