Following My Heart

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I made a commitment last week to work on something new each day.  If I could just squeeze in practicing with the Wacom, using Photoshop, and other mediums I have gotten away from the last few years, for just 30 minutes a day…something good will come of it!  Then, last night I ran into this challenge on Alicia’s blog: THE 21-DAY CHALLENGE…perfect!! 

Here is one of the pieces I did yesterday. I wrote the little poem last week, and then could not get this image out of my head so I had to give it a shot.  I like the sketches better than the color version,,,but I may make another version too.  That is the purpose of the challenge, after all!

21 day challenge Different Drum


Achoo! I’ve Been Sneezed On!

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The ever-antsy PrincessPepperCloud has thought of me as a recipient for the Pico Award. Just a nice little pick-me-up for us to encourage us to keep on keeping on! 🙂 Thanks PC!

The Rules:

1) Pick 5 blogs that you feel are deserving of this award based on their creativity, design, interesting material and their contribution to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2) For each award giver, include the name and the link to the blogger so they can be visited. 3) Include the names of the recipients and a link to their blogs so they can be visited. ( rules 2 thru 4 seem the same to me.)

4) For both giver and receiver, show the link (Studio Lolo)
5) Publish these rules

The first person I am going to award the Pico to is Kathleen Rietz.  She is always offering helpful comments to everyone, even new-comers.  She is super-talented, and really lives through her art.  She pretty much rocks.  🙂

The second person I thought of is Kathy Weller.  She puts herself out there for us all to see.  Talented?Check.  Designs? Check.  Interesting? Check.  Contributions? Check. Yep! Thanks, Kathy! She has a lot going on right now and this might make her smile. xoxox 🙂 

Number three is going to go to Alicia Padron.  Her energy is absolutely sneeze-worthy! Such a sweetie.  Always right there for practically every blog entry on the planet! LOL.  Very talented, very open, very Pico. 🙂

Eek, only two more.  Ok, we cannot forget KIM! She is da bomb!

And….drum roll for Sketched Out. Linda’s creativity, talent and wit are so refreshing.

Deja Vu

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fable in black and white 

I don’t usually post about my kids, but this week has proven to be a big one for my sweet daughter.  (See post below this one!)

As if that weren’t enough to make her year, she ALSO just won first place for a different story in a different contest! This one is a fable.  Oh how she loves fables! She wrote one called STICKY SITUATIONS.  Her teacher sent it in for the state’s Reading Council contest.   Of all the stories sent in for our state, my little author won first place. What a treat.

In other news, my sweet boy, is just as excited. His big news for today is that he got to wear shorts for recess! You must understand what a huge deal this is for him! Woohoo!!! 🙂 As I always say, life is good. Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging. 🙂

Lessons from a third grader

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Right after Dad’s funeral this past winter, my sweet daughter was trying to decide if she wanted to enter the Reading Rainbow contest or not.  She said she didn’t think she could write one with a 350-word limit. (She is a novelist at heart).   So, the last weekend came before the Monday deadline, and she decided to give it a go.  Rather than cut down and edit one of her longer stories, she decided to start fresh.  She wrote the story on Saturday, did the illustrations on Sunday, and we sent it.  Therein lies the lesson: Start fresh and just do it!

I got a letter in the mail today (sorry, no picture yet) stating that her story has been chosen as FIRST PLACE for South Dakota’s Third Grade! I cried.  I am so very proud of her.  She works so hard, and she has a heart of gold.  

You can read the stories that placed  here. They are a riot!  Hers is the one called the LONGEST PIGTAIL.  

After sending her story, I found this great information for helping kids write. It is, of course, full of basics that I am sure we can all benefit from reviewing once in a while.  Click here for that link.

Signing off for now. Today was just jam-packed…even got to shoot BB Guns at the Scout meeting tonite.  My little guy could LIVE outside, I swear. Oh what the heck, let’s end it with a little cheese: a little lesson from a second grader to top it off: Set your sights and pull the trigger.  🙂

*Added afterthoughts Friday 4/18:  I was just thinking about the lessons above and how refreshing it is that kids can inspire us.  I love that each one of us is born with talents and tendencies, love and hope.  This child-like faith in ourselves and in others is simply wonderful.  A serendipity to all this is how these talents and desires can truly shape us as individuals.  I knew from a very young age that I loved art and words and books, line and color and stories…ah! just standing in the pencil/crayon and paper aisle at the grocery store as a kid made my heart beat wildly.  And I know that the same kinds of things inspire my sweet daughter.  She has always loved words and drawing.  One of her favorite things to do is go to her Word Document files on the computer and work on her stories.  And my son, he likes words and art too, but his true tendencies, talents, and passion is for things like skateboarding (wow! you should see him!), basketball, climbing, breakdancing (he can spin on his head!), shooting BB guns, cooking and eating! You can just tell how happy each child is when they are doing things they LOVE.  I hope for them, that they can always follow their heart.  I am truly grateful that I get to do what I love and get paid for it.  What a bonus! Life is so good.



**another P.S.  I should just make a new entry, but all this is so related! I have been chatting a bit with the talented Kathy Weller, and her recent post is one that strikes a tender chord with me.  I am guessing there are countless artists out there who are also writers at heart.  More on this can of worms later 🙂  Have a super weekend, all!

Illustration Friday Save: Super*Fly*Girl Saves the Day

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Super*Fly*Girl Saves the DAY!

(I turned of the song that went with this slideshow since I added the playlist …if you prefer to have music off, or to skip to a different song, look for the widget on the lower right)

Saves the Day!

[rockyou id=108518316&w=426&h=319]

Now that the boutique emergency has been taken care of, maybe you all can help me with a bit of a situation I need help with.  My website was recently revamped, and I am trying to get some final decisions made.  I paid a friend to design the pages and help me get it started.  

My question is in the portfolio section.  There are several “gallery” sections. 

Should I have the background for those be 1)BLACK, to match the homepage.  2) aqua/turquoise to match a color i use often in my work  3) the tomatoish red color with green accents to match the dots, etc on the homepage?

I have asked several people and opinions vary greatly.  At the moment, I am leaning toward 3) the tomatoish red with some of the lime-ish green.   It is growing on me. 🙂 I think it sets my work off ok. It is a fun color, and it goes with the rest of the site ok.  But then again I have been looking at it constantly this week so I  need fresh eyes! Save me!  🙂

 I am totally open to suggestions!  The site still has plenty of tweaking to be done, so be patient when viewing.  I hope to have it done before the weekend is up.

 Thanks bunches in advance…



IF: HOMAGE …to oranges and laughter

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Today, I am listening to the Beastie Boys and Dr. Hook, if that tells you anything about my mood. 🙂 So, for Illustration Friday’s HOMAGE, it is only suiting to pay tribute to the most famous KNOCK KNOCK JOKE of all time. Happy day!
 Knock Knock.  WHO'S THERE?  Banana.  BANANA WHO?

Go tell some knock-knock jokes to a first grader today. Their maniacal laughter at the punchline will make your day. At least the first 7 times they tell the same one. Seven is the limit. Then it’s time for something–anything–else. 🙂

For more laughter, check this out. Illustrators should especially love it. The characters are fabulous.

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