Illustration Friday: Heavy

March 18, 2008 at 10:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments
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rockin robin spring fever
After a long winter at her home away from home, Robin has a case of spring fever. Her load may be heavy, but her heart and song are light, for she is she is anxious to get back to her summer house. She has gifts for her squirrel and rabbit friends.
birdbath and beyond
This is a really old set of drawings, and the photos were taken with an ancient camera. I should have just repainted the whole thing so I could show the idea off better. Despite Kim’s previous comments,I see lots of things I would need to change to make this “good”,,,Sorry KIM!!) but I do like the idea,,,Here is another part of the idea: the “home away from home” resorts:
Winter Retweet




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  1. very sweet…and what a generous birdie….if she could bring Spring our way, I’d be most appreciative….more snow arrived this morning….

  2. I really enjoy your whimsical painterly style and your warm inviting colors.

  3. BIRD*BATH and BEYOND! This is sooooo clever! I am enjoying your blog and your artwork.


  4. So that’s what birds do during Winter vacation!

    Hope all is well with you!

  5. love this! even birds need to shop!

  6. I have a feelinng that this character is similar to how you are, generous,colourful and loving as a friend! I am aways charmed by your art!

  7. hey, thanks everyone!
    you are all so kind!!!

  8. Bird Bath and Beyond. I love that! I’d like to shop there. Well, those drawings may be old, but they are wonderful. Such a happy, cheerful style and little clever flourishes.

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