Illustration Friday: GARDEN…tiptoe through the tulips

March 11, 2008 at 11:20 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 13 Comments
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Tiptoe Through the Tulips…
tulips daisies

tiptoe through the tulips

Great theme for this week.  All a girl needs to have a garden party is a patch of grass sporting some simple daisies.  (ok, Tiny Tim and a flute never hurts either).

 In this part of the world, the birds are starting to chirp and we are getting spring fever.   

A feeling of anticipation always comes with each change of season.   I am also sensing anticipation for THIS:   It isn’t until November though. Have any of you gone to one of these Highlights Foundation worshops? If so, fill me in! I am very excited to go! 

I am extending the free-ebook contest I posted in the previous post.  I received several emails from people saying they didn’t know how to post.   Hope you all have a super week!



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  1. Love your illustration style as I wrote somewhere below. Great work again!

  2. Lovely illustration, a really charming scene with great colours.

  3. Oh, found you thru Illo Friday, you are wonderful. I love the designs and the bold color. You inspire my inner child………clapping hands.

  4. The detail work is incredible!

  5. a joyous illustration….

  6. THis is such a cutie fairy girl! You are always so consistently great every time you post a new piece. We can find your style anywhere.

  7. Cute drawings!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

  8. Daisies are my favorite flower! And fairies have a sweet spot in my heart because my youngest is obsessed with fairies. You’ve put them together to make a sweet, sweet, illo. Nicely done Teri.

  9. Stunning! I love it…such a happy place!

  10. This is very sweet! And I love your coloring.

    (Thanks for your comments on my blog, too!)

  11. What a beautiful expression!!!
    Lovely image.

  12. As always, you are an awesome artist! I think your painted overalls for Madison’s first five birthdays inspired her artistic ability. She is taking painting classes now and took drawing classes previously. Her art teacher at school, the art teacher at the classes, and a well-known local artist have all taken an interest in her and say she is talented. We’d love to win your e-book so she can learn to paint on denim. She loves to paint on anything with any type of medium. Madison just can’t say enough wonderful things about your artwork. She loves looking at your blog and your auctions and she will not part with the Wonder Woman overalls you made her. She even wore them last year althought they were busting at the seems because she was too tall for them. She has them tucked safely away in her closet now. Her artwork has been published in the Christmas day newspaper the last two years and she is determined to publish a book. Who knows where it may lead, I never say never, and tell her to keep reaching for the stars!

  13. Its pretty amazing with all your paintings (especially on denim). You get the colors so rich and the scenes always have this magical element to them.

    BTW I will send you a reprint (mentioned on my blog)…just email me your address! 🙂

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