LEAP! for love, Jump for joy, Throw a Kiss!

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Illustration Friday: LEAP

[rockyou 104709587]

 After ten years of working as an artist in Arizona, we moved back to the midwest.  With two small children, I didn’t want to drive all over the state taking my art to galleries, etc anymore. So, I was fortunate to fall into making these types of paintings  the past few years….It has been really fun.  I have been hiding a bit while getting my work and my portfolio in front of other book illustrators. So this is a real LEAP for me to post this HERE, as an Illustration Friday submission.
The ever-encouraging ROZ just posted a comment above that whispered in my ear, “just post it as is”…so i did! Did I mention that my customers ROCK!!!!(throwing aforementioned kisses to you…xoxox) I love that I get to do what I love to do, and get paid for it. As I contine to follow my heart, I know I will be led to where I am supposed to be!

So amazing that if you leap out of love, you will get to jump for joy.~Faith is such a profound principle!

Now, one more thing: for all those who have been asking me about the denim, here is a giveaway:
Every comment posted on this LEAP submission will be entered for a drawing to win my ebook How to Paint on Denim….good luck to each of you!



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  1. Teri,
    I love ALL YOUR WORK! I am always in awe of your designs. Thanks for sharing. :o)

  2. Oh My gosh I just love your art work. do you do adult clothing as well???? Keep up the great work.


  3. So inspirational……


  4. Teri, you are so amazingly talented. Everything you paint is so alive and fun. I can’t paint worth a darn, but I’ve got a sister that does! Crossing my fingers for her. 🙂

  5. Awesome work! I’m glad you posted this! :o)

  6. I’ve always loved your work Teri, you ROCK.

  7. thanks everyone 🙂

  8. wow! what a lucky girl to get to wear these amazing jeans! a true work of art… just lovely!

  9. I absolutely love your work. I left a comment for you asking if you did adult clothes. I would love to get your ebook, oh gosh… I can’t wait to see your next work of art.

  10. wow, im very impressed with ur work!

  11. Oh my goodness ms. princesstomato your work is absolutely incredible! So wonderfully fun and creative and the kiddies just look so funky wearing them 🙂
    I had a pair of jeans when I was a teenager that had a big spider and rainbox sortuva web on it and they were my favourite pants for ages. very inspirational work!

  12. Well, if I wasn’t so consumed with myself, I would have noticed that a couple months have passed in the time I meant to contact you. I see your dear father has passed. I am truly sorry. But, KNOW, the good job he did with you and the wonderful father he was to you and that he lives continuously in your heart and mind. All my best!! flowergirl

  13. ok, more time to answer better now!

    cindy: i emailed ya. i have done jackets, jeans, and even overalls for adults. 🙂

    christine and julie: thanks!

    alicia: oh i am glad you like it. it took me awhile to realize that my work is worthy of “coming out of the closet” lol! you know, since so many of my illustrations are on clothing, it caused me to hide from some of you art-peeps, thinking i needed to create all new things on paper or canvas before i showed my face. i now see how silly that was of me 🙂

    kim: yes, these children are sooo lucky. can you imagine?? dang, when i was little we were lucky to get to go to the basement at woolworths! i used to think that the moms, aunts, grandmas were the ones who liked my art best,,,but these kids GET the little humor and details i sneak in. it is so fun.

    lil kim: your spider jeans sound very funky! isn’t it funny how memories work? love it.

    KARLENEEEEEENE!: holy cow!! wow. life sure takes some turns doesn’t it? talk to you soon ok…


  14. Teri,
    Thanks for sharing. Your work is wonderful and your stories and memories of your father and childhood are inspirational. cy

  15. Teri as always your work is my absolute favorite!! I have missed seeing your new inventions! Much prayers have been said for you sweetie! Good luck with everything and keep that paint brush in your hands and continue to bring smiles to everyone around you!! God Bless!


  16. Teri:
    Long time no talk! I am happy you are in the midwest with us — it’s a pretty cool place to live isn’t it!! Welcome!

    Your friend,

  17. How wonderful and perfect for this theme! 🙂

  18. Magical! She must feel like the most special person in the world when she wears these. Truly wonderful!

  19. This is so wonderful and the texture, being on denim, fabulous! Also, I wish you continued success on all our endeavors. It’s nice to know that people who take a leap of faith and follow their hearts, really do turn out happy and successful! Yay to you!

  20. The colors choices on this denim piece are AWESOME!

  21. Teri, very cool!! It never occurred to me to use denim. Great idea!
    I love your illo, on denim and otherwise!

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