IF:pet peeves “Miss, There’s a FLY in my SOUP!”

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I was not going to post an Illustration Friday this week…just swamped. BUT, since I am trying to notify my mailing list of a resale, and wordpress does not allow my listing html code to post without getting all whacked out, I am a tad peeved. ūüôā So, my pet peeve is that I have to post this link: ****CLICK ON THIS LINK to see what I am trying to post!!!!!!!****

in order for you to view my painting. I am seriously considering moving my blog to either typepad or blogger…PLEASE talk to me about blogs! I want one I can customize, etc.

Flies in soup would definitely count as a pet peeve, and although it been several years since since I have waitressed, I could mention that a pet peeve from that job would be when people called me “Miss” and asked me for more of something that I was already giving to them. I actually enjoyed waitressing, though. Good money for an art student who likes people. ūüôā

Ok, now for the link to see the actual resale. It is here for a great price:


Don’t forget to give me the scoop on blogs! I need to decide if I am staying here! ūüôā


Contest winner…

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I will be posting the winner of the ebook late tonite. Still getting a few emails from people who want to enter. 

¬†updated Saturday 837pm…. :¬† Sorry for the delay in posting the winner.¬†

Laurie Metzger and her sweet Madison won the ebook.

As a special surprise, I am also awarding a second and third place to the next two random numbers, which belonged to Alicia Padron and Christine.  I will email each of you after the Easter weekend is over and get your addresses to mail a little something to each of you.  (or you can email me sooner if you happen to see this)

Congrats!!! and thanks again to everyone who participated!

Illustration Friday: Heavy

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rockin robin spring fever
After a long winter at her home away from home, Robin has a case of spring fever. Her load may be heavy, but her heart and song are light, for she is she is anxious to get back to her summer house. She has gifts for her squirrel and rabbit friends.
birdbath and beyond
This is a really old set of drawings, and the photos were taken with an ancient camera. I should have just repainted the whole thing so I could show the idea off better. Despite Kim’s previous comments,I see lots of things I would need to change to make this “good”,,,Sorry KIM!!) but I do like the idea,,,Here is another part of the idea: the “home away from home” resorts:
Winter Retweet


Illustration Friday: GARDEN…tiptoe through the tulips

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Tiptoe Through the Tulips…
tulips daisies

tiptoe through the tulips

Great theme for this week.  All a girl needs to have a garden party is a patch of grass sporting some simple daisies.  (ok, Tiny Tim and a flute never hurts either).

 In this part of the world, the birds are starting to chirp and we are getting spring fever.   

A feeling of anticipation always comes with each change of season.¬†¬† I am also sensing anticipation for THIS: http://www.highlightsfoundation.org/pages/current/FWsched_artofPictureBooks_08.html¬†¬† It isn’t until November though. Have any of you gone to one of these Highlights Foundation worshops? If so, fill me in! I am very excited to go!¬†

I am extending the free-ebook contest I posted in the previous post.¬† I received several emails from people saying they didn’t know how to post.¬†¬† Hope you all have a super week!

LEAP! for love, Jump for joy, Throw a Kiss!

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Illustration Friday: LEAP

[rockyou 104709587]

¬†After ten years of working as an artist in Arizona,¬†we moved¬†back to the midwest.¬† With two small children, I didn’t want to drive all over the state taking my art to galleries, etc anymore. So, I was fortunate to fall into¬†making these types of paintings¬† the past few years….It has been really fun.¬† I have been hiding a bit while getting my work and my portfolio in front of other book illustrators. So this is a real LEAP for me to post this HERE, as an Illustration Friday submission.
The ever-encouraging ROZ just posted a comment above that whispered in my ear, “just post it as is”…so i did! Did I mention that my customers ROCK!!!!(throwing aforementioned kisses to you…xoxox) I love that I get to do what I love to do, and get paid for it. As I contine to follow my heart, I know I will be led to where I am supposed to be!

So amazing that if you leap out of love, you will get to jump for joy.~Faith is such a profound principle!

Now, one more thing: for all those who have been asking me about the denim, here is a giveaway:
Every comment posted on this LEAP submission will be entered for a drawing to win my ebook How to Paint on Denim….good luck to each of you!

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