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“A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down” is my theory.
Lemon Kisses

Dad’s funeral was Saturday–just four days ago. I think I was more prepared for that than I was for losing my best friend, cheerleader, confidant, business partner, and brainstormer.  As easy as it would be to feel cheated out of a good twenty years with my dad, I am etermally grateful for having 37 wonderful years with the best dad on the planet.

I do not take it for granted that I have been blessed with a dad that made the most of every moment. He woke us up in the middle of the night to color with us. He danced and sang with us. He came to every practice and game we ever had. He made us ice-skating rinks in the back yard. He even secretly painted a doll’s eyes brown for me back when dolls only came with blue eyes. He was full of surprises and ideas.  Just a spoonful of these priceless experiences will truly last me a lifetime.



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  1. Lovely written tribute to your Dad; I’m so sorry for your loss, but I love that you mention being grateful for all the time you had him with you. This piece is magical, too … although I love lemons more than sugar!! (to look at, that is!)

  2. I love the way you remember your Dad. I too, lost my Dad on the 5th of this month, so beleive me when I say, ” I feel your pain.” It is so hard to imagine not ever seeing him again. But like you, I thank God he will no longer feel pain. That was truelly the hardest part. We weren’t prepared for his passing but know he is in a better place…pain-free! God bless you & your family in this very difficult time.

  3. Crap…you are making me cry. Your dad sounds wonderful! Not everyone can say they were so blessed to have a dad like that. I had a father, but he wasn’t a dad. I am happy for you. You may be sad, but your happy memories will always be with you and I hope they comfort you when you need comfort. I am sending you a virtual hug! I am sorry for your loss. Kate

  4. kate: aw kate, thanks so much sweetie…. yes, i know my dad was very special and i do not take that for granted. sadly, there are so so many people who never got a single day with a dad like mine, and i treasure each of our 37 short years together. thank you for the hug. you rock.

    lilana: (what a beautiful name you have)…aw sweetie….it sure isnt easy is it? hang in there,,, you know we are just part of a bigger plan, but that isnt easy to absorb i know!

    toni: Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comments. have a super day!


  5. Your Dad sounds like a special soul. I am sorry for your loss. You are truly blessed to have your faith, and that you can find comfort in that. We are all here for you….holler if you need to! Love ya bunches!

  6. Your relationship with your dad just brings me to tears. Happy tears. How lucky you two were to have each other on this earth. I believe we are all in God’s hands and your daddy just made it a little closer to His heart. What a rejoiceful reunion you two will have someday. He’ll have a bunch more songs to sing to you then. God Bless you dear Teri.

  7. oh goodness sue, what a special message you just wrote. nwo we are both in happy tears! 🙂

    steph, you are a doll, too! love you guys!


  8. Great blog! Love your works for their wonderful colors and sweetness!

  9. I understand… my father passed away in September…
    Love your words… and your art

  10. I’m so sorry! You’re post left me in tears! I’m so happy that you had such wonderful memories! I’m sure he couldn’t be more proud of you!

    You’re illustration is really beautiful! Lovely colors and imagery!

  11. ((((((((((((((((((Teri))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  12. Very heartwarming tribute Teri. It sounds like your dad was one terrific guy! I’m sure he treasured your 37 years together too. He’s still right there with you, and I know you know that 🙂

    How are the pups doing??? I think it’s time to post some pics!

  13. I am sorry for your loss. What a hard thing to have to go through. What wonderful memories your have of your dad. Always remember these special memories. Sounds like he has really touched your life for good. Keep the faith- you will see him again someday. He is in a wonderful place now. “A spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine go down”- great words of wisdom! The sugar will be all the good memories you have of your dad and your faith. Best wishes!

  14. Terri,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure you brightened his life more than you could even begin to imagine. Keep all those memories close to your heart. I have heard that every time you have a thought about a lost loved one, it is their way of telling you they are with you. I like to think that is true.
    I remember that silly song, it made me smile to think of it again, and that you remember your dad when you think of it. It speaks to me as to the fun guy he must have been 🙂


  15. I’m so sorry for your loss, princess tomato. Hugs and best wishes…

  16. (((((((Teri)))))) I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful Dad you had.Always keep those memories alive. Hugs, Lisa

  17. aw Teri, I type this thru my tears. I am so sorry 😦 What a great man and father … those memories the two of you shared will live on forever and I bet your dad is smiling down at you right now.

    take care, Robin

  18. What a sweet tribute to your Dad 🙂 Thought and prayers are with you!

  19. Oh Teri, I’m so sorry. What a wonderful father. You gave me some new great ideas to try with my kids. 🙂 I don’t look forward to the day I lose my dad. Thank goodness families are forever. HUGS!

  20. Teri… I am so sorry for your loss. I love reading story about your dad… he sounds so wonderful! I am sure those sweet memories will be with you and your family forever. Hugs! XO

  21. vhrsti, janice, michelle, lisa, lolo, shawna, kandy, jannie, lisa, robin, erin, marni, flora, and everyone else who has emailed rather than posted,,,,,,,THANK YOU SO MUCH! all of your words are very special to me and greatly appreciated. I, like my dad, wear my heart right out there for all to see, and that’s just the way it is! 🙂 What can I say“Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl. 🙂
    I am so glad we have all had some happy tears, and that we each have oppotunities every day to create these kinds of memories in our own homes.
    Have a happy day…..

  22. Your dad sounds like the most wonderful person and I’m so happy for you that you got to live your life with such a wonderful role model and father! Your tribute is touching and loving! 😛

  23. My heart is breaking for you. But also, it’s so touching to know that you had such a wonderful relationship with your dad and will carry that in your heart forever.

  24. Teri,
    Oh Teri I am so sorry for your loss-I know this has been a very hard time for you and you are in our prayers every night. I feel like I have known you forever with everything you have ever done for us and Peyton. I know how proud your parents and grandparents are of you. Just remember your dad didn’t leave you, he will be watching you from heaven as you continue to following your dreams!
    With all of our love,
    The Niedzielski’s
    (Jennifer & Peyton)

  25. a beautiful way to reminisce your dad! i’m sure he’ll love it! wonderful piece, teri.

  26. So sorry to hear about your father, Teri. You’re blessed to have a wonderful father. May he rest is peace.

  27. What a beautiful tribute to your dad, sounds like he was a truly wonderful man. I am so sorry for your loss Teri.

    Sending you good thoughts.

  28. Teri — Your dad’s spirit lives in all of our families and homes through your work. His spirit is wide spread, here on earth as well as in heaven. The gift he gave you and which you share with us will keep his memory alive forever! God Bless…..


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