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Prissy, being 100% girl, simply cannot resist all the 75% OFF sales that are going on in town. Miss Thing is eager to trade a day of mud and slop for a day of browsing in the swanky stores and eating at a nice restaurant. (Prissy has been craving Soooey-shi).  

The slight pang of guilt she feels inspires her to sacrifice half of a lipstick to smudge a note. Ah well! Nothing a few stellar bargains won’t fix!

 I suppose I should admit that I, too would like to sneak into the city today.  However, I have lots of work to catch up on, and I am also needed here to help my poor dog.  (See number 2 on the meme posted on previous post.) 



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  1. Oh my gosh, I just saw that my post came after one from SIOUX on illustrationfriday.com! How punny!


  2. I’m with Prissy!
    Cute illustration.
    Oh and I used to be a manager of a Chess King in Ogden Utah. LOL
    That was long ago and far away!;-)

  3. HA! NO WAY! i took a job at Chess King when I was in high school! I didn’t last too long cuz i was missing the tips i made as a waitress! 🙂 so funny….


  4. nice really nice work! congratolations and keep the good work.

  5. very cute…who can resist the sales !!

  6. I really can’t blame Prissy! 100% charming and oops for your dear dog!

  7. me neither,val! and i bet my pup would rather be shopping with prissy too. she has just given birth to the SEVENTH pup of the litter. i hope she is done!

    i really love your prismacolor house. i think i could actually EAT those pencils…they are so YUMMY!

    and thanks to nancy and rui, too! 🙂

  8. Sweet painting, your style is charming:)

  9. she’s so cute, and full of mischief, nice job!!

  10. This is adorable!

  11. awww — what a cute l’il piggie!

  12. Yikes…pup number 7!! That’s one less than the number of nipples she has to feed them. You’re going to be busy and so is she!! (You should have her checked by your vet as soon as she’s done whelping. That’s the never-retired veterinary nurse in me talking.)
    Now, about this illo….adorable!! And those baby-blues, my my they’re beautiful!

  13. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve always loved your painting style and wonderful sense of whimsy. It was fun to see more.

  14. I did exactly what Prissy did today. Except I didn’t write anybody a note. What a cutie piggie!

  15. Punny, punny, punny! Love your illustration!

  16. stumbled upon your blog today. lovely!

  17. Oh, no! Are you having puppies Teri? LOL. Love your little piggie!

  18. Hee heee, Soooey-shi! That’s great. What a cutie Prissy is. Great job!

  19. Who could blame Prissy for going a little hog wild at the mall?

    Seven little miracles eh? I think the largest litter we ever had was six, once their teeth grew in my sock supply took a nose dive. Thank goodness Pickledog is fixed! I’d never get anything done with a house full of imaginary puppies running around. : P

    Happy New Year Teri

  20. david, you KILL ME!

    and yes, ONE dog makes a big enough dent on the sock supply, so with seven we would have to move to the beach so we can just wear flipflops!

    luckily, most of the pups have homes lined up already. whew.

    sketched out-thanks! 🙂

    lisa (lemonade)- no, i am not having puppies, but my dog did! 🙂
    lisa(funky)-hi stranger! hope all is well!

    sioux- aren’t puns the best! oh, and by the way, even more coincidentally,,,,i grew up in a town called Sioux City. and my grandpa used to sing “Sioux City Sue” to me all the time. it was the best!

    kim- hi! hope you found some great deals!

    lolo- thanks so much for your heartful emails and puppy advice, etc. IF rocks!
    you guys are all the bestest!!!!

  21. Cute and wonderful as always!!! 🙂

    Thanks for awesome little poem on my illo. You rock!

  22. Cute and wonderful as always!!! 🙂

    Thanks for awesome little poem on my illo. You rock!

  23. aaaawww, so cute, looks like ‘miss piggy’.

  24. pretty eyes 🙂

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