Illustration Friday: “PLAIN”

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Plain truths often come

straight from the eyes of children…


“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. There is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau

No pressure. 🙂

This is a 36″x48″ canvas I did from a snapshot taken on the last day of summer one and a half years ago. I just loved that moment and so glad we captured it and that I was inspired to paint this. It is literally the only piece of my own art I have kept in the past five years. Everything else has been for clients. This hangs in my studio.


IF: 100% …all girl

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Prissy, being 100% girl, simply cannot resist all the 75% OFF sales that are going on in town. Miss Thing is eager to trade a day of mud and slop for a day of browsing in the swanky stores and eating at a nice restaurant. (Prissy has been craving Soooey-shi).  

The slight pang of guilt she feels inspires her to sacrifice half of a lipstick to smudge a note. Ah well! Nothing a few stellar bargains won’t fix!

 I suppose I should admit that I, too would like to sneak into the city today.  However, I have lots of work to catch up on, and I am also needed here to help my poor dog.  (See number 2 on the meme posted on previous post.) 


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What a perfect theme to start off the new year… From hearts in every corner of the globe, there are hopes, prayers, and dreams just waiting to soar to new heights. May 2008 bring many blessings to each one of you.

Fly away, little butterfly…Soar into the big blue sky, my sweet friend…

Ok, and now in another light, I must get to answering the hilarious and talented axl-rose-lovin’ artist, Kim’s meme.
1. Voted Most Likely to:
Paint myself into a corner.

2. Regrets:
Not taking my dog to be spayed ten weeks ago. I’m sure you can guess why.

3. It’s a Monday, you are tired and don’t feel like working, so you:I usually look forward to getting to work on Mondays! Unless you are counting paying bills, and doing paperwork as work. In that case, you can find me in my studio–avoiding the real work.

4. You would prefer to have dinner with:
Dishes that self-destruct when the meal is over.

5. If you were going bald, you would:
freeze! That is, before I take up crocheting so I can make a bunch of pretty hats.

6. You lay awake at night, pondering:You won’t find me laying awake at night-I sleep like a rock!

7. If you were forced to share a cubicle, the most important thing you look for is:
The sign that tells me where I am, because I don’t think I would agree to work at many places that has cubicles! (See question number 10)

8. What is most likely to be found in the trunk of your car:If I told you, I would have to kill you.

9. Favorite Spinal tap movie moment:The classic “Go to ELEVEN” scene. Either that or the “Bread” scene.

10. Based on your work history, the job you SHOULD HAVE right now is:
I thoroughly believe I am unemployable, in the context of the the traditional sense of the word “job.” After so many years of being self-employed, doing what I LOVE to do, I am just spoiled! I get to paint imaginary scenes from my imaginary world. And I can do it while wearing my pj’s if I choose to! I love what I do– Lucky, lucky me!

11. Your imaginary band name is:We Might Be Giants

And now for the part where I choose which four friends get to throw tomatoes at me…I tag Andi Butler, Jannie Ho, Becky Schultea, and PrincessPepperCloud

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