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This is one of my favorite themes of all time…”Little Things”
Through all the hardest times we have in life, it is most definitely the little things that keep things in perspective and make us know that our cup overfloweth.

I have lots of ideas for new paintings for this theme, and I have lots of paintings from over the years have been painted for this theme. Today, I am posting this one from last spring. A little thing like going fishing is a sure way to know life is good, especially if you have homemade dragonfly jam in your lunch basket! There are prints available of this at the OPEN show. (Click HERE)

[rockyou id=74325603&w=426&h=320]



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  1. This is adorable. You have a fun imagination. I enjoyed watching the show so much. It’s like watching a new little world right outside. Thank you. Janet

  2. Wow PT…I’m very impressed with the flash show!! Ms. Frog is adorable on her lilipad. She looks like she really enjoys the little things in life 🙂 Great job!

  3. this little frog is soooo cute!

  4. Just lovely and so funny too. The Show Was delightful.

    Hope the little kitty is doing well, you are such a good soul to care so much and rescue a little one.

  5. When I”m looking at the illo, I feel like I’m the miss frog – love that feeling!

  6. lolo, thanks for stopping by, and for calling me PT! 🙂 that’s cute!

    zari, thanks! i like miss Lillie too. she makes me smile!

    ginger, thanks to you as well. oh, and kitty is doing well. our plan was to take him to
    shelter, but he is winning the hearts of my niece and stepmom,,,,so he may have
    himself a new home. he is very, very cuddly….cuddles up to anyone unless they
    have just come in from outside! he can feel and smell the cold so he bolts!

    mika, hi! and thanks! glad you like Lillie. 🙂

  7. Che… me gustan mucho tus ilustraciones sobre jeans… estan buenisimas…

    Alexiev Store

  8. funny book title 🙂

  9. Dang, I almost missed this one! Soooo, cute!

    I’d like to know where I can get my hands on a copy of “Better Toadstools and Gardens” so I can get that recipe for Dragonfly Jam. Yummmm!

    Very clever little Flash show.

  10. Awww!That’s adorable! And I want a copy of her catalogue!

  11. What a wonderful show! I am charmed!!! Love this and I hope you have a beautiful holiday season!!! I just noticed you tagged me below, I’m sure you mentioned it I just totally spaced out and have been swamped but I will try to do it and forgive me if I don’t… 😛

  12. Hey PT, your movie was fun and cute, I see we have a few of our favorite movies in common… don’t you just love Tommy Boy? Makes me belly-laugh everytime! I like the song that goes with your movie too. Cheers

  13. alex and erin- thanks for stopping by!

    liz, linda, erin, valgal_ if i find any old copies of the magazine i will send them your way…better yet, i could rip out the subscription cards and sign you up! 🙂

    PrincessPC-yes, tommy boy is classic. hey, there are two songs on this movie of Lillie,,,so i don’t know which one you are referring to…but the are both great, i reallymust say (dang, that could be read like ed grimsley-speak)….

    oh, and val and PrincessPC–i join you both in the ranks of those who got married in vegas!


  14. Have the bestest New Year my dear! I’m sure you are up to something fun because you have the best imagination! It is my anniversary today (Married at the Graceland Chapel) 11 years ago today. Many love-filled and creative days ahead for you in 2008!

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