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1988: Sorry I am late for the party, but I had to finish my shift at Chess King before I got to come. And I had to go all over town looking for more AquaNet. Apparently there was a high demand for it that day….hmmm
Oh yeah, it’s not pretty, but this is a photo of one of the proms I went to. EEK! Check out
the SLEEVES, the BOW….the HAIR (on me), and ….the hair (on my date)!


Ok, look quickly at the photo and then at the link and video below.



Hey, thanks to Natasha for throwing this virtual bash! Come and join the fun!!!

I probably won’t leave these photos up too long, so laugh at us while you have a chance. 🙂

Better yet, post some of yours. heheh….

Oh and if you want to see how I crack myself up constantly with music from the 80’s, check this out: http://members.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=princesstomato  🙂  For some reason, words to songs STICK in my head so easily. It is an illness, really. 


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  1. Teri you’re so fun!!!! I love the prom pics, you are gorgeous you know!!! Your hair is just fine, lovely, but your date, well that’s another story… the mullet… oh boy!!!
    Love that you tube link, it was a funny clip with Hugh!
    Your me page on ebay is a hoot too!!!
    THanks for joining in, i am updating the links on my blog in a moment!

  2. Oh I hope you leave these up for a while!! It’s so funny when we look back on how we dressed at a specific time in our life and think…”what was I thinking??”…but if we look at other people’s photos..they look the same!!! The hair, the dress…it’s all 80s…and you both looked so cute!!!! I’m glad you shared!

  3. OH GOD!! You have no idea how HARD I laughed when I saw the link to ‘Pop Goes My Heart’!!! I ADORE that movie – it is so the story of my 80’s life!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And OMG OMG OMG – you went to your prom with the guy from POP!!!!! LOLROF!!

    Sorry, this is just a wonderful post, couldn’t help myself! Your 80’s dress is nearly as 80’s as mine. Like, toowtally awesome!!!

    Great post, please leave it up!!!

  4. Oh Teri!

    You were gorgeous! And are 😉 You must be as old as me: I had some sleeves like that. Pink, of course…I think I may also have topped that whole look with a ponytail on the side of my head…

    Good times!


  5. Hi,
    Hahaha I like these 80-ties pictures but the hair of your partner wasn’t approved by me at that time. We call that hairdo a doormat! Oooh and seeing Hugh Grant makes my heart go ,pop’. I like your work on your me-page at ebay. I think that the dutch children brand Oilily can inspire you too. I have enjoyed your post very much, thanks! LiLi

  6. Your date looked divine! Possibly more feminine than you, with that delightful hair? Whatever happened to him? We can barely see him through the mist of Aqua Net!

  7. What a fun prom post! Strange to think that back then we thought we looked not just good, but great and terribly stylish in those clothes and hairstyles 🙂

  8. Great pictures. Looks like you had a really good time at your Prom


  9. Oh we all looked like that back then!! You looked gorgeous!

  10. Actually I think you look really pretty, we all have photo’s like that! Fun:)

  11. Have had a look at your ebay profile, love your art, you are sooooooo talented:)

  12. thanks to each of you for stopping by!
    natasha, you are such a great blogger, so very thoughtful and attentive to all your participants. good for you! and such a riot!

    sherry, yes weren’t we all just so beautiful and stylish? HA! oh man it’s so funny that the sleeves were even able to BE puffier than the hairdo’s! it is hilarious to me that even PARTS of the 80s are making their back in style…those wide, wide belts and thin, thin ties, oh it cracks me up!

    linda!! YOU are so funny! that video is one SURE way to get me laughing too! the hand-claps, the way they jump in from the side of the stage, the graphics, the whole “AHA” thing. hugh is way cuter than my date was, but they do resemble each other, i think. the saddest thing is i cannot remember my date’s name right now! i must be getting old! i know the first name but not the last…..scary

    lili, even scarier is that doormat hairdo. pair it with an “arsenio” hall type leather jacket and that is a recipe for getting your you-know-what kicked! LOL oh, and thanks for checking out my work. oilily is lots of fun. quite a lot of my customers are huge oilily fans….

    nancy, you are so great….hey, no fair mentioning your pink puffy sleeves but not posting a photo!!!!

    saucy,,,, i don’t know what happened to him! LOL… i do think i saw him a few years later when i came back from college. i THINK he had short hair. just thought you might be comforted in knowing the AquaNet never killed him and that he did not hang on to the mullet.

    bejeweled: just think of all that hard-earned money we spent on that cheap-looking fashion! 🙂

    bluemuf and brittany- thanks!! 🙂

    rachael,,,thanks! and also for taking time to peek at my work. 🙂

    hope you are all enjoying your week!


  13. Awww…. hahahahaha!!!! Too bad I didn’t grow up here in the States so I didn’t get a chance to have a prom (we don’t do that in Asia.) But I really enjoy your photo!! : ) So cute!! Lovely mullet on your date too!!!

  14. hahaha — oh lord, i was in high school in the late eighties and remember that style quite well (totally) Yikes! Unfortuately i did not participate in big sleeves and bigger hair (and i’m from Texas!) but had hair down to my back.

    And just think, what we are wearing right now, will be made fun of by the next decade! 🙂

  15. Girl you were hot in that dress!!! You are so pretty!

  16. You are probably around the same age as me then since I graduated in ’86. ! I would love to see a before and after shot here. That would really be fun to see. Thanks for being so brave!

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  18. lol u are gutsy for posting this!!! I love it, your dress is aweome- you rock it!!

  19. jannie, YES! i get many points for guts on this one!!!! and for the fact that i didn’t knock someone out with those SLEEVES that night!

  20. I LOVE Pop Goes My Heart. I just can’t help myself. I play the video, a smile slinks across my face and I find that I start singing along. I guess I really am an 80’s child.

    I have a Prom dress that rivals yours too. If I knew where it was I would post it, but trust me when I say Poof would be a very good description!!

    Awesome post! Thanks for making me smile!

  21. YOU are such a good sport and spirit! Your dad would be proud! You are so brave to post those pics, I remember the days of AQUA NET too! I think between us, we kept them in business. I have some old pictures of my husband and I at the prom and my kids did not even recognize my husband, and asked “mom why is your hair so big??” Now, I tell them that if they tick me off too bad, I am going to do my hair EXACTLY like that and wear a shirt that says “The Kestly Girls Mom” while I walk each of them to their classrooms, IT WORKS!! HA!! Anyway Teri, keep up the good work, and that spirit of yours, you inspire me with every brush stroke!!! I love you girl!!

    Dinese Kestly

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