OPEN (and HATS)…revisited

November 7, 2007 at 11:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments
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10″x20″x1.5″ Original Painting on Canvas

Phoebe knew today was the big day.


her heart leapt as she opened the door.

~~~May your days be filled with pleasant surprises,

and may you always follow your HEART and be YOURSELF.

Every frog has its day, and you never know why each one is placed in your path.

This painting is for sale at a gallery in Long Beach. Email me if you want the information to contact them, or if you want me to list it on ebay or etsy. There is only one of these, so if you are interested let me know.

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  1. Your Phoebe painting is so adorable.

  2. I Love that Teri! It’s beautiful!

  3. You are so talented!!!! Love this, it’s gorgeous!

    Love your blog makeover too!

  4. Great work! Really fun stuff! Thanks for stopping by too!

  5. This turned out simply GORGEOUS Teri!! Love what you did with it!! The lettering on the sides of the canvas was a cool touch – I hope you sell this sweetie – it is a fine piece of art!! BTW, I incuded a thank you and photo of the book you sent me on my blog today – I also won another giveaway, so I just combined the 2. Thank you again!! What a blessing you are!!

    Becky S.

  6. Yes, I agree that the lettering on the sides is a good idea. When I first aws it, I thought it was a book. I couldn’t read the text to see where it was for sale…

    PS. I am glad you liked the bracelet. I appreciate the comments. Enjoy!!!!!!

  7. thanks, everyone!
    kim, wow that is quite a compliment! woohoo! and i changed the text to help a bit. You are right..that font was hard to read. I should rewrite the whole thing…i have so much to say about the meaningful layers of being OPEN.

    becky, that is quite a write-up! can i hire you for my publicist? you promote me better than i do!!! and you are such a nice, important member of this community. that book is truly perfect for you! glad you won!

    scott, your new website is rockin! great job!

    erin, toni, jill….thanks for always being there! 🙂


  8. You did an awesome job on this one!!

    Love it!

  9. Teri,
    Your work is FABULOUS!! When I admire your art it makes me feel fun, silly and happy…it gives me warm fuzzies! :o)


  10. Might just be your best yet!! Way to go!!

  11. thanks, trina, christine, and lisa!!


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