Illustration Friday: THE ZOO

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Move over Hugh Grant and any other mullet-coiffed hunks! There’s a new star in town–Even though Miss Zebra has become a world famous pop-star, she has not forgotten her true friends.  Tonite she is playing for a sold-out crowd at the zoo.

Painting was done for a story/dummy I created called “Sassafras in the Grass.”

As Sass leaves the zoo and whips over the hill,

Her eyes open wide at the sight

Of stripes, and spots, and fur galore…

It’s Miss Zebra’s big concert tonight!


oh my goodness, am i really posting this?

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1988: Sorry I am late for the party, but I had to finish my shift at Chess King before I got to come. And I had to go all over town looking for more AquaNet. Apparently there was a high demand for it that day….hmmm
Oh yeah, it’s not pretty, but this is a photo of one of the proms I went to. EEK! Check out
the SLEEVES, the BOW….the HAIR (on me), and ….the hair (on my date)!


Ok, look quickly at the photo and then at the link and video below.


Hey, thanks to Natasha for throwing this virtual bash! Come and join the fun!!!

I probably won’t leave these photos up too long, so laugh at us while you have a chance. 🙂

Better yet, post some of yours. heheh….

Oh and if you want to see how I crack myself up constantly with music from the 80’s, check this out:  🙂  For some reason, words to songs STICK in my head so easily. It is an illness, really. 

Illustration Friday: “SCALE”…Andy,Condensed

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This was a stippling project/drawing I did many moons ago using the smallest Rapidograph pen available.  Every single mark is a DOT. The image is 13″x15″ and I lost track of how long it took after 200 hours. Ha! insane. Luckily, I listened to my professor and had prints made of it.

Anyhoo, I thought it fit the them of “SCALE” perfectly. I would have to measure Andy’s face to get the scale of the pen to his face, but my guess is about 1:17,882…give or take a few thousand.

OPEN (and HATS)…revisited

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10″x20″x1.5″ Original Painting on Canvas

Phoebe knew today was the big day.


her heart leapt as she opened the door.

~~~May your days be filled with pleasant surprises,

and may you always follow your HEART and be YOURSELF.

Every frog has its day, and you never know why each one is placed in your path.

This painting is for sale at a gallery in Long Beach. Email me if you want the information to contact them, or if you want me to list it on ebay or etsy. There is only one of these, so if you are interested let me know.

// ===========================

Illustration Friday: HATS

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 I should have posted this days ago. Busy, busy week! anyhoo… enjoy!

Jackson and Goldie enjoy a swim through the galley gallery before school.

picassole woman with fish hat

Picassole’s “Woman with Fish Hat” is always a favorite.

Other featured artists are, of course, Vincent VanGoldish, Stingray Matisse, and the infamous Keith Herring. 

action jackson and goldie lesson

IF: “Trick or Treat”

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To some creatures, candy is not the treat of choice. 

I was going to forgo posting at all, especially today since Halloween is over and since this painting is such an old one.  BUT… I was ironically enough, putting away laundry this morning and stumbled across the remains of my puppy’s idea of a Halloween treat.

I will preface this, by saying that part of the week’s activities (inspired by  Holli’s  contest) involved making at least 45 of these:

with a preschool class, my own children and some of their friends. 

 Well, my children put their bags of candy on the table last night …right next to a few of their guord creations.  This morning, I discovered that our puppy’s idea of a treat is not candy, but rather a red-suede-haired, googly-eyed guord. (see remains below) 


Oh well. More candy for the rest of us, I guess!

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