Illustration Friday: “OPEN”

October 12, 2007 at 3:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 20 Comments
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Phoebe knew today was the big day. Still, her heart leapt as she opened the door. How EVER will she choose?
I love this topic for Illustration Friday! Even though I am not quite done recreating this piece as a finished painting on canvas, I wanted to post the preliminary version of it before the deadline. The “OPEN” theme is so perfect for my own family’s trials as of late. We continue to strive to remain open to reasons in store. Finding joy in the journey is not always so easy, but it is truly rewarding beyond comprehension. May each of you have doors that open to pleasant surprises in the days to come.


Much Love,

If you are in a voting a/o viewing mood, click HERE. mine is number 40 out of approximately 700. Be sure to check out the entries…so great! You can choose five by clicking on the star next to your favorite five. The top 25 get to be in a show in Long Beach, CA in November.
How do I vote?

Log into the IF Forums or create a new account if you don’t have one already (, find the voting section here:( go to the Link Viewer ( and scroll through the entries to find your favorites. Mine is number 40. You vote by clicking on someone’s star next to their entry. 

Also, leave a comment here on the blog(and if you already commented here), and I will enter you in a drawing I am having for my mailing list.  Winners will receive a beautiful hardcover copy of the book…You’re All My Favorites.  I thought the title was very appropriate for a CONTEST. It is so hard to pick five!!! 



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  1. Lovely piece. Wonderful sentiment too. The different frog princes are great!

  2. Your work is so joyful – it’s always a special treat to come by and see what you’ve created. This is a really sweet and witty piece – can’t wait to see it all finished, but it’s quite lovely as it is…So nice that you have so many fine choices! These frogs are so wonderful – each so unique and fun! Great work – and you gotta explain the jeans in the background..?? Love this!

  3. What a wonderful concept; she’s got a lot of contenders!

  4. OH! I love those little frogs!!!
    GReat work!

  5. The frogs just make the painting! Wonderful work!

  6. Very sweet and funny. I love it!

  7. good morning!
    becky: oh, the jeans,,,long story! hehe! the canvas version is in the works and I am loving it. Maybe I will post links to it soon. As crazy as it sounds, for the past four or five years, most of my designs started of f being executed on denim, and sold in the form of clothing…you can see more here: PRINCESSTOMATO

    Kim, Cata, Angel: I am so glad the FROGS make the painting! That is what i was going for! It’s all about being yourself, and not trying to be the frog prince! 🙂 Who knows, maybe the princess would rather become a frog herself?? hmmm…

    Thanks to each of you!


  8. Why can’t she kiss them all? ;o)

    Another magical. whimsical peice Teri! Is this peice going to be for sale, for a book, or for your own princess?


  9. Teri…this is brilliant! My favorite yet…in both concept and design! Sweet!!!

  10. What a cute, whimsical illustration! So adorable!! : )
    Thanks for visiting my blog! The girl scouts gig went really well! xo

  11. Magical illustration! This is such a cute idea. Great work on all of the froggie suitors.

  12. thanks, everyone!! and i just wanted to post some good news! after a few weeks of being on pins and needles, my mom had a wonderful surprise from her doctor yesterday. she is still cancer-free! i am so excited! now just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that dad’s (and my uncle’s) treatments will be successful!


  13. Goodness gracious, Phoebe has so many admirers! Sure, they’re a bit green, perhaps even a tad on the slimy side and slightly warty. :)But, still …

    Great illustration!

  14. Hey Teri, that girl is so sweet. Can’t wait to see the finished canvas!

  15. thanks again, everyone…i should have the canvas done today. 🙂 oh, and pamela, the denim one is sold already,,,but i will most likely put the canvas up for sale. i think you are on my mailing list so you will be notified. 🙂

  16. Your cleverness astounds me – “swamps chocolate”!!! *giggle snort*. Always love a tomato ;* Sarah

  17. Very dear, and I totally voted for it!!!!!

    I don’t think I’ve seen any of your work on canvas, just on denim. I look forward to seeing this one! Put me on your mailing list.


  18. Great story : )

  19. I have honestly NEVER seen such imagination!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this art!! Anyone from child to adult will love this work!! I wish I could afford to purchase some now because I have a feeling in the future it is going to be worth alot more when Teri is famous for her spledid art!!! Every single peice I’ve ever seen of hers has made my jaw drop! Its always the cutest, the most detailed, the most imaginitive, the most colorful!

  20. Hi Teri… thanks for visiting my blog… I’m glad you enjoyed the story and photo!

    I love your art… and LOVE this particular piece… definitely brings a smile! And congrats on the contest place of honor… sweet!

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