Illustration Friday: “Grow”

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FIRST OF ALL, thanks so very much to everyone who voted for me, posted, and/or emailed me this week! Thanks to you all, my entry for “OPEN” was chosen as one of the top 25 for the contest, and I am honored beyond belief. Here is the list of all 25 that were chosen.  And to think, I almost didn’t enter!

Now for the new theme of the week: “GROW”  

This one is a scene from a fable about a girl and her cat, Socks.   

The winners of the drawing I had this week are….
BECKY S, and FLORA! i will email each of you. 🙂 I will also have another drawing in the near future so keep checking back. All entries in this week’s drawing will also get entered in the next one automatically,,,just “because” !!


Extremes: “When Pigs Fly”

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“When Pigs Fly”…isn’t that an extreme thought, a hyberbole, a cliche? Whatever it is, this student driver from Canadian Bacon Airlines is defying gravity and decreasing her odds of becoming a ham sandwich.  When Pigs Fly
Go, Piggy, GO! The Sky’s the limit! (Sorry, couldn’t resist another hyperbole!)

Illustration Friday: “OPEN”

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Phoebe knew today was the big day. Still, her heart leapt as she opened the door. How EVER will she choose?
I love this topic for Illustration Friday! Even though I am not quite done recreating this piece as a finished painting on canvas, I wanted to post the preliminary version of it before the deadline. The “OPEN” theme is so perfect for my own family’s trials as of late. We continue to strive to remain open to reasons in store. Finding joy in the journey is not always so easy, but it is truly rewarding beyond comprehension. May each of you have doors that open to pleasant surprises in the days to come.


Much Love,

If you are in a voting a/o viewing mood, click HERE. mine is number 40 out of approximately 700. Be sure to check out the entries…so great! You can choose five by clicking on the star next to your favorite five. The top 25 get to be in a show in Long Beach, CA in November.
How do I vote?

Log into the IF Forums or create a new account if you don’t have one already (, find the voting section here:( go to the Link Viewer ( and scroll through the entries to find your favorites. Mine is number 40. You vote by clicking on someone’s star next to their entry. 

Also, leave a comment here on the blog(and if you already commented here), and I will enter you in a drawing I am having for my mailing list.  Winners will receive a beautiful hardcover copy of the book…You’re All My Favorites.  I thought the title was very appropriate for a CONTEST. It is so hard to pick five!!! 

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