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Woohoo! Momentum! Cathy is ready to start my website.  I am just too excited!  So, in lieu of the rollerskating zebra, flying pig , swooshing super-heros, or the countless more appropriate scenes I have painted that show “momentum”, I am posting this tomato fairy image map.  There is momentum– even if we barely see it in this fairy’s twinkly little toes… 



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  1. First of all – she is a lovely fairy – Love her!!! The colors, her expression and eyes, her toes, the little tomatoes – just too cute! And how exciting that you will be having a new site – I just finished looking through Cathy’s web site -WOW! What beautiful work she does!! Can’t wait to see what she does for you – I’m sure it will be gorgeous!! Be sure and have a grand opening party – I’ll be there, and I’ll bring cookies :o)

  2. Good luck with your website, this painitng is great !

  3. Adorable fairy! I went to Cathy’s too, she’s one great artist! Good luck with your website too!

  4. love the tomato fairy! cant wait to see your new site … how exciting

  5. Very sweet painting! Lovely interpretation of the theme! 🙂

  6. Oh! I love her!
    Great style!

  7. thanks for the comments!

  8. I was trying to find an e-mail to write and ask more about your days at ISU. We probably passed on campus more than once. Heidi

  9. Your paintings have such great texture. They are a joy to look at!

  10. heidi…can you believe what a small world this is!!! (to other readers: heidi and i “found” each other thru blogs, and discovered that we lived a few miles from each other during grade school!!…amazing!)

  11. Good luck getting everything together! Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  12. And, what a cutie pie fairy!

  13. Teri is the BEST and most wonderful artist in existence!! Her imagination is what sets her apart from the rest………….her heart is the “cherry on top” of every one of her accomplishments, both in SPIRIT and ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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