MaBel JuggLeS…

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mabel mabel

“Red hot chili peppers? More mustard? Coming right up! How many bubblegums do you wish? –I’m coming, I’m coming! Just as fast as I am able!”

cinderella yella mustard 



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Woohoo! Momentum! Cathy is ready to start my website.  I am just too excited!  So, in lieu of the rollerskating zebra, flying pig , swooshing super-heros, or the countless more appropriate scenes I have painted that show “momentum”, I am posting this tomato fairy image map.  There is momentum– even if we barely see it in this fairy’s twinkly little toes… 

Harry, of the non-potter sort

September 5, 2007 at 1:14 am | Posted in horribile harry | 3 Comments

I am probably one of the last people on earth who has not read a single Harry Potter book. (eek! dare I admit this??)…..However, my daughter’s class and I HAVE read Horrible Harry.

Harry wants to bring DOOM to room 2B by scaring them with “stub-people.”  Here is my daughter’s version of what these little creatures look like:

She had a blast making them.   I love it when she works in my studio with me! View more here and here.

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