“VISITORS”…the theme for Illustration Friday

August 28, 2007 at 7:51 pm | Posted in aliens, illustration friday, visitors | 12 Comments

Illustration Friday is so fun to read! Thought I would come out of lurkdom this week, even though my site still needs a revamp. The IF theme is “VISITORS.”

The Aliens have saved all year for their big trip to the MILKY WAY. Mom is in charge of the map since Dad (obviously from Mars) refused to ask the clerk at Sonic Boom for directions.Visitors
They are on course now–only 12 light years away, which equates to approximately 2,496 “Are-we-there-yets?” and 789 “Stay-on-your-own-sides.”

Na Nu. Na Nu.



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  1. good to see they have drinks and such so they won’t need to stop somewhere when they get thirsty! wonderful illo.

  2. That is so darn cute – and your commentary is hilarious! Brilliant stuff! Love the texture and colors – and of course the concept is GREAT!

  3. Delightful illustration. 😀

  4. ha ha that is so funny! Good illo.

  5. great music along with the creatures, and of course the lady creature is reading the map…

  6. Welcom to IF, this is a great contribution, love it !

  7. Absolutely, brilliant, Teri! Your humor cracks me up…you are both artistically and mentally creative!

  8. HE ! HE!! Love your use of texture, fun storytelling!

  9. That pretty Martians… enchant your technique to me…

    Best wishes from Buenos Aires…

    Alexiev Store

  10. Cute alien family! The kids should take it easy on the soda. The next rest stop isn’t for another 4 light years.

  11. Your sense of whimsy and delight just show in each of your art. What a wonderful and fascinating person you are!

  12. Always fun and airy, alot of life and wonder and beautiful to the eyes! We are still enjoying the jacket , luggage and Delaney overalls! I wish you would do a canvas again!

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