Okay, Okay I’m posting already!

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I think being tagged is code for “get posting!”  I have been a lurking blog-reader and occasional commenter for awhile.   Lisa and Sandi are twisting my arm to get in the game.  So here goes. 

This game of tag says we have to:

FIRST: List seven random facts/habits about yourself

(Do I hear groaning?? Don’t worry, it will be over soon!)

1.  Hmmm. (tapping foot) A habit of mine that I do intend to quit soon is: drinking pop.  I am quite sure that all the carbonation and sugar I consume is robbing me of calcium and giving me badonkadonkbutt in return. 

2.  I am allergic to cats and dogs.

3.  A cat adopted us, AND thanks to my impulse-buying husband, we now have a dog as well.

4. Said dog brought me three things today:

a) The brown bunny from M’s room

b) The blue elephant from J’s room-

c) Something from the yard . Trust me. You don’t want to see a photo, and I surely didn’t want to take one.  But Gigi just made Elvis a liar.

5.  I am getting ORGANIZED! Feels GREAT!  Erica referred this book to me over a year ago and I have been applying many of the principles to our life and home.   There is a quote in there (or another book) that says “Clutter is tangible evidence of laziness.” Grrr….that got my goat! I have never been considered lazy, so if there is evidence of THAT, it must GO! 🙂

One idea that has helped me is one that shows how to organize your rooms like a kindergarten class. The labelmaker is my new best friend, let me tell ya! 

Another idea came from my mother-in-law a couple months ago.  So simple, but how wonderful it feels to have laundry caught up all the time! We just have two baskets–one for dark and one for whites, and they get washed and put away daily. Woohoo!  (We also threw or gave away two humongo sized garbage bags of just SOCKS!) Talk about making space in the dresser and relieving me of always feeling I need to match them up and find a place for them! 🙂

6.  I am a Gemini.  I am also a choleric-sanguine according to Florence Littaur’s book.  I love these type of questionaires, especially the more in-depth ones.  And I LOVE trying to figure out what other people are.  My husband is the exact opposite–a phlegmatic-melancholy. 

7.  I confess that I do love wearing clothes that are comfy, but also stylish and expressive.  I also confess that I would rather stay up than GET up.  That explains why I often forgo the fashion thing and opt to take my kids to school in my jammies and slippers.  Yes, I usually go in.  And yes, I am usually drinking a Coke.  

OKAY–on to the rest of the game……

Next, I have to choose another SEVEN bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog (sorry guys! LOL!)  If you have already been picked, just let me know and I will change my list!

1. Nancy

2. Megan already played-:)

2. Laurie

3. Daria

4. Dawn

5. Sheree

6. Jenn

7. Jen

THIRDLY: Leave your seven tagged bloggers comments to notfiy them of their tagging and to direct them to your blog for tag instructions.


“Bird Lady” takes on a whole new meaning

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part of a story I wrote in 1991…inspired to post today by a recent picture of my eyes… 🙂

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